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Jan 26, 2021, 13:17

So the currie cup appears to have become an old mans game where you a few laaities with twinkle toes running around the field while the old men plod around the field whilst clinging on to past glories. 

I have seen so many write ups about how well Morne Steyn and Frans Steyn are doing.  The form of some these old guys. But to be honest, the currie cup has been so boring. Too many errors, stop start and hardly any skill visible. 

Too many of the younger players wanting to run with the ball. There is no fluid movement or any skill on display. It is down to one on one matchups and poor defence. 

A lot of the phases are processed and the balls just gets shovelled from left to right. 

Then we come to the old men of Rugby

The Lions has got Jannie Du Plesis and Fat Alberts moonlighting as a lock now. 

The bulls has Morne Steyn and Gio Aplon and Vermeulen. Although, Vermeulen being the exception at 34, but to name a few.

The Cheetahs have Pienaar and Frans

There are a few older guys around I probably forgot. 

But then they look okay against probably the dregs of our Rugby Talent given that we have over 150 players playing abroad. 

I think the competition can survive without 30 or  30 of our tope player players but not this bunch that are playing. 

Looks like they have raided the local clubs for some crappy players. 

Currie Cup is dead and should be send off to the old age home where it belongs, it has a weird smell about it

Jan 26, 2021, 21:05

Yeah far too many washed up hasbeens in the CC

Coming home is the only option for these old farts and the unions here are stupid enough to sign them

Jan 27, 2021, 11:12

Yeah, I get that they were good but what is going on. The only union that is actually trying to bring back our decent players are the bulls. 

The sharks are not for off, but the lions and stormers are back tacking at an alarming rate. 

Just imagine if the stormers could hold on to some of their best players. Having Kolbe and Etzebeth, coetzee to name a few 

Jan 27, 2021, 14:16

"A lot of the phases are processed and the balls just gets shovelled from left to right."

In other words, the modern South African approach to attacking rugby?

Jan 27, 2021, 14:28

The SuperRugby games that were held in SA after lockdown was much better than the Currie Cup. Same players, but somehow the game plans were much different.

Jake the Snake is a good coach, but once he gets to a point where has a more physical pack, he is like a python that squeezes the life out of the game.
Any mistakes, his team are all over the opposition. 

Other coaches might be starting to react to the Jake Ball game plan. 
On the other hand Darren, the Stormers do not appear to have a backline coach.

At least the Sharks have made the final, after a good performance in SuperRugby before Covid where the lead the log after a good overseas tour. 

Jan 27, 2021, 16:01

They were better then because the games were not being played in 40 degree heat

Jan 27, 2021, 18:13

Yeah, that is correct Saffex. When playing in Durban, they should call it the ball soup bowl and not the currie cup. The humidity is unbearable 

Jan 29, 2021, 08:34

So, the older guys make the youngsters look as average as they are and then you complain?

It's more a case of:
"Had we retained the services of more experienced players, the overall product would have been better."

Sadly a lot of the experienced better players chose to leave the country to get better remuneration for their services. For THAT you should blame SA Rugby and the government policies that influences the exchange rate.

It is also the reason Rassie got more of the overseas players involved in his plans and why the team did more than "just well" in the World Cup.

But when a player like Morne, who is truly a has-been, with no extended future to look to, outplays most of your "current stars" through the course of the competition, you have reason to be concerned. Really concerned. At least we still have someone like Pollard, that you can call on when necessary.

(As for Saffex's point about the high temperatures, that is 100% valid. I'm more involved with 7's and the heat makes it extremely difficult in the shorter format where you are basically playing for 14 minutes only. In an 80 minute match, you are basically "just surviving" after the first half, making your bench much more important. That is also why the "smaller teams", like the Pumas and Griquas struggle to finish out matches, where they have the lead at half-time.)

Jan 29, 2021, 12:43

Ja, I just feel that we simply don't  retain the services of our best players long enough. Our players only wanted to play in the super rugby, which meant that they took up short term contracts elsewhere such as Japan, France and England. But when the see what the are earning, that life is actually more affordable and the quality fo life is better abroad, then all of sudden they are itching to get out. 

I've heard it so many times how bad Englad is. But what is actually left in SA? Sun? that is about it. 

I was a  student in England and lived comfortably sharing a 2 bed flat, working 20 hours per week. 

Also, the last time I was visiting my ex cousin in Jo-burg and he couldn't shut up about how shit life in England is and that he has everything and more. 

So, he was a director for some engineering firm, worked 60 hours a week, had 24 / 7 security. He imprisoned himself and his family, had to put cameras around his house with a monitor in the garage to make sure that no-one sneaks up on you. He also failed to mention that his daughter was attacked coming home from school. Having to lock yourself in your house overnight and that you have to call the local security private team to usher you in when you get home at night. Not to mention the cost of school fees, medical etc. The price of meat too!!! 

So I think most oaks are happy with the shitty weather. Summers aren't too bad either. 

So I think anyone with half a brain would run out of SA given half a chance 

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