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May 15, 2022, 12:01

It is no wonder that lions are finding themselves plugging holes on a sinking ship. With so many of their young talent heading out the door for other SA franchises. I've never been a fan of the lions but I'm a fan of SA teams and want all of our teams to succeed. The lions kept our hopes up towards the end of the 10s with their ball in hand approach under Johan Ackerman and missed out narrowly on claiming the super trophy on 3 times.

But recently we are seeing has beens like Willem fat Albert's, Jannie Du Plessis taking up space for more talented players.

No one else to look at other than Dr Strauli. The man wrecked the Boks, the sharks and now the lions. He starts off strong before everything implodes. 

If you look at the lions coach who had almost no experience compared to who they had in the past and who they could have contacted. 

So to me the Lions need to find a new CEO

May 15, 2022, 16:20

Who was the CEO when Ackerman was around? Things seemed to go much better those days....I can't remember to clearly, but wasn't strauli accused of instigating fights between players while he was Bok coach? History in his case, is against him....lions were so much better under's time he comes back.

May 16, 2022, 11:00

I think he took over in 2013 when John Mitchell was the  coach  or there abouts, but I think the squad was already in place. Ackerman and  Swys were already putting their plans in  action. So it was under his watch that Ackerman decided to pack it in and head to Gloucestershire along  with a few other key players. 

Swys had a nervous break down and now they have a kid coaching the  lions after only being an assistant for a  couple of seasons. 

It also speaks volumes that they think they can just sign local players and hope to become a decent team one day. The Cheetahs are chomping at the bit and probably would  do  way better than the lions. 

We have a few decent coaches  around like Wessels that coach  the Rebels and don't forget Johan van  Graan  to name a few. So De Straueli is not looking  after the Lions but  rather just to keep a team on the  park

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