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May 16, 2020, 11:37

The present scenario is that the Stormers and WP are in fact in chaos because of poor management and maladministration.  The Union is rule by the amateur clubs aiming to help themselves rather than to deal with the present professional era.

Since 2016 the Stormers lost 36 players of franchise level, amongst them prominent Springboks and World Cup winners,  They totally mismanaged the Pollard situation years earlier,  In desperation they turned for help to Remgro  and Rupert help them with a lone of R40 million.   Instead of listening to his advice - they fumbled again and has not repaid Rupert a scent since then.   Rupert suggested that he would take a shareholding of 74,5% in the franchise and thus ensure that the shenanigans of the past are stopped, but the Stormers refused.

He and his partner Motsepe then took the 74,5% shareholding in the Bulls and the situation now is that the Bulls have the money to prevent large scale leaving by players and simuitaneously have the capacity to losing players eased this year and they are even getting players back who left.

Fact is that WP Rugby remains in trouble and the only reasonable thing to do is to find another Rupert and Motsepe alliance to get the Stormers back on its feet  and ensure they are managed like a professional franchise should be handled.  Get professionals to handle the job - not amateurs,           

May 16, 2020, 12:18

100% correct Mike. The clubs rule the Union including the professional arm, the Stormers. The clubs grab as much money as they can .

The WP Rugby Union is ruled by incompetent clowns.

Was just wondering the other day what you touched upon. How many gifted payers have the Stormers lost over the last say 10 years! Always blamed the extremely weak rand but didn't know that Rupert made them an offer!!! Watch the Bulls soar.

Getting guys like Rupert to run these Super Rugby franchises could be the answer?

So instead of whipping the hapless kiwis on a regular basis we struggle against them and their bent refs! Unforgivable!

May 16, 2020, 12:20

Just need to read the two articles posted by Ruckers re Bulls going on a shopping spree and the deadly drip thwarting Dobson.

May 16, 2020, 12:25

All the Jake White knockers could be in for a hard time. :D

Hope Jake can lure Serfonteinm Back. He and Kriel will be a great combo!

Their lose trio of Van Staden, Vermuelen and Arno will be great.

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