THE THREE STOOGES Bok assistant coaches have their contracts extended until Australia World Cup

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Apr 26, 2023, 10:30

We all know that Jacque will only be with the boks until the World Cup and have already announced that he will be joining Leinster as a coach, not the head coach. 

So I question his appointment as head coach as we all know that he is a defensive coach and physio but was never a head coach. Now we see today that Stick, Davids and Daan Human have signed contract extension until the 2027 World Cup. 

This means for the next 5 years we will have to continue to put up with the rubbish that the boks have produced. 

Rassie has conveniently only staying on until 2025, but it is clear that he probably will leave after the World Cup. 

So this means that only once Rassie vacates his position that there will be an opening but at this stage I doubt SA rugby will fill his position. 

Racism is alive and well in SA and we now see affirmative action completely taking over. We saw what happened to the proteas and now it has finally reached the boks. It was only a matter of time before the tide swept in destroyed a tradition that was built over nearly 150 years. 

The guys are only looking after their pockets and not SA Rugby as a whole. I wonder what the landscape would have looked like if affirmative action did not exist. 

It is like telling the PGA that all participants need to be 50% black. In a sport like golf where you play against yourself or even in tennis, there is no place to hide. But in team sports it is easy to cast over a veil and say everything is fine. 

We know our results haven't been that great and had it not been for the World Cup or Lions series, I really don't think we would even be that great. 

Our numbers in terms of win Ratio is really poor. 

Who knows, maybe Rassie can do his magic once more and we can defend the World Cup, but if you watch the guy talking about what we will do next then it looks like he has run out of ideas. 

The agenda has always been to push black players over the better white players and the media is trying to cover over it. We know who our best front row is and we that some players are in the wider squad only because of race. 

Then don't get me started on Stick and Davids or even Daan Human. 

Why does SA rugby keep taking us for fools. 

Well, I will start collecting those old games and just watch re-runs then having to suffer through this nonsense for the next 6 years. 

But I can see in 3 years time when the boks have been driven into the ground, our talent that is already thin in SA leaving for abroad with having watch Vodacom cup quality players trying to crack it at test level. 

No thank you SA rugby. 

This was your chance to breath in new life and bring in a changing of the guard. 

Stick has been with the boks for 8 years now, if it wasn't for Baas Rassie he would still be coaching in EP. 

You honestly can't tell me these are our best coaches?!!!!!! 

Expect the same, but the result will be different. 

Apr 26, 2023, 16:43

We don't know what Stick can do. The entire attacking model is dour Razzball crudely built upon the work of Nienaber's defence and set pieces. 

Apr 26, 2023, 16:43

Agree King…If they appoint Either Stick or David’s as head coach, our results will become worse….let’s face it, they actually lucky to be there in the first place…we have much more experience and worthy coaches for these positions ….this is likely also a reason why Nienhaber is leaving and Rassie will be soon After….they will Run the Boks to shit, just like SA.

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