Tremendously exciting end to the series is coming

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Nov 16, 2022, 14:14

Stakes determine the value of a game.

IR already secured what the wanted from the tour: a win over SA rugby that does not ruin their historic win in NZ.

FR aimed at winning all the games they played this year. One is left, could be a trap but most of the pie has been swallowed.

EN VS NZ will be scorching hot. From the beginning, it was known that EN would mark this encounter as their objective.

This was before their current score 1 loss 1 win that adds to the stakes.

Going to the game with 2 wins would have lessened the stakes.

Yet no, it is make or break time for EN.

NZ will go in with high motivation as a way to confirm their recovery in form.

Big stakes attached to the game.

As if it was not enough, the result of the game could weigh on the last game against  SA rugby.

A loss for EN means going into the game with a 1 win two losses record, same as SA rugby. The loser would have a hard to endure record of 3 losses one win, meaning a disastrous November test series.

EN has the most pull over rugby institutions. SA rugby due to their imminent collapse that must be averted at all costs  are given tremendous pull.

Would be the nightmare of a game to ref.

Nov 16, 2022, 20:54

Actually, I  agree with almost everything you said...huge matches coming up...Go BOKKE!

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