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Sep 10, 2019, 13:23

...there is even the possibility of the World Cup being shared.

Here's how the tournament rules will accommodate unwanted cancellations and weather interruptions.

Pool stages

If a pool match has to be ruled out for the scheduled day it will not be rescheduled, it will be considered cancelled.

That means the result will be declared a draw with both teams being awarded two points each with no bonus points being awarded.

Where a pool match is stopped following commencement, and cannot be completed the same day, it will not be rescheduled to the following day, and will be considered as abandoned.

If a match is abandoned either at half time or at any time during the second half, the score at the time of the abandonment shall be considered as final.

If a match has to be abandoned at any time during the first half, the result shall be declared a draw. But each team will keep its score at the time of the abandonment and any bonus points for scoring four tries or more during the time that play was allowed, will be retained.

Knockout stages 

Should the weather cause disruptions in the knockout stages of the tournament then the match can be postponed if it hasn't started.

In this scenario the match would be rescheduled to be played within two days of the following scheduled match day. This will also happen should a match have to be abandoned at any time during the first half of the game.

Should the match have to be abandoned in the second half at any time, the score at the time of abandonment will be considered the result of the match.

If the result is a tie, then the winner is determined by the following sequential criteria by World Rugby's tournament rules.  

- The team which scored most tries in that particular match.

- The team with the most match points from the pool phase.

- The team which in all its tournament matches has the best difference between points scored for and points scored against.

- The team which in all its tournament matches has the best difference between tries scored for and tries scored against.

- The team which in all its tournament matches has scored most points.

- The team which in all its tournament matches has scored most tries.

- Where all criteria above are not able to determine a winner, the winner shall be the team that is higher ranked in the official World Rugby rankings at the time the match is scheduled to be played. (This criterion will not apply for the final; in the case that the winner of the final cannot be determined from the above criteria the two teams shall be jointly declared winners).

Where a knockout stage match has to be abandoned at any time during the first half, the match shall be played again in full within the two following days at the same venue, or if required, an alternate venue as directed by tournament organisers.

NZ Herald 

Oct 09, 2019, 20:47

Looks like England vs France gsme could be cancelled with impending typhoon...4pm this afternoon there will be decison made on that game...

Also the Japs could cancel the game between Scotland and Japan  therefore Japan goes through ...banzai

Oct 09, 2019, 21:18


Some of the games you mentioned or on Saturday and the Japan-Scotland match are on Sunday,  If games cannot be played on Saturday and Sunday there will be chaos on top positions on the log:-

That means that Japan will have 16 points - the same as Ireland - meaning that Japan will be log leader - 

Should matches on Saturday and Sunday be cancelled  the situation of the logs would be as follows:-

Pool A     =    1  Japan - 2 Ireland

Pool B     =    1  NZ    -  2 SA

Pool C    =     1  England - 2 France

Pool D    =     1  Wales   -  2 Australia

Not sure entirely about Pool D - it may be effected by the outcome tomorrow if the match between Australia and Georgia is in fact played, 



Oct 09, 2019, 21:28

...yea Japan vs Scotland could be a conflict of interest situation if the Japanese have any say in the cancellation of that match given it will be the Japanese that benefit and progress in the eventuality of cancellation...

Oct 10, 2019, 01:01

Storm in a tea cup.

Oct 10, 2019, 04:38

So Strzok - this was in the newspapers twice the last three days and you as per normal knows that it was fake news?   It may be a storm on the rugby field and not one in a teacup.  Lets see what happens.  

I am not saying it will happen - I am merely saying that one cannot rubbish reports without knowing what the real situation is.  

Oct 10, 2019, 04:38

So Strzok - this was in the newspapers twice the last three days and you as per normal knows that it was fake news?   It may be a storm on the rugby field and not one in a teacup.  Lets see what happens.  

I am not saying it will happen - I am merely saying that one cannot rubbish reports without knowing what the real situation is.  

Oct 10, 2019, 05:12

Looks like England vs France game  and ABs vs Italy have been canceled...


Oct 10, 2019, 05:14

Bad news for Scotland as they are out if their game against Japan is cancelled...

Oct 10, 2019, 06:47

England top group then though they might have thrown the game since Jones avoids the ABs a lot.Don't know why they don't reroute the Scots game now,hope not another foul exit for them.

Oct 10, 2019, 07:18

England vs France and New Zealand vs Itay have both officially been cancelled. Waiting to hear on Japan vs Scotland.

Oct 10, 2019, 07:29

Japs laughing if their game is called off. With the 2 pts on offer even if Ireland get 5 they will be both on 16 and Japs go through as having beaten Ireland.

Oct 10, 2019, 07:45

So here is the latest article about Strzok's storm in the teacup:-

"Rugby World Cup organisers took the unprecedented step on Thursday of cancelling two games - England v France and New Zealand v Italy - as Japan braces for Super Typhoon Hagibis, likely the biggest storm to hit the country this year.

Both games were in the projected path of the large and powerful typhoon, which currently has a "violent" rating - the highest category by Japan's weather bureau - and is due to hit the Tokyo area on Saturday.

Sunday's four games, including the Pool A shoot-out between hosts Japan and Scotland in Yokohama, near Tokyo, remain under review, said tournament director Alan Gilpin.

"We've taken the very difficult decision to cancel certain matches in the affected areas," Gilpin said. 

"While it's regrettable, we've made, we believe, the right decision with everyone's safety as the priority," he added

Tens of thousands of fans, many of them visitors from abroad, will be affected by the cancellations - the first in the tournament's 32-year history. Their tickets will be fully refunded, Gilpin said.

Japan, whose capital Tokyo hosts the Olympics next year, is battered by around 20 typhoons per year and is one of the world's most seismically active countries.

But Gilpin stressed he had "no regrets at all" about bringing the World Cup to Japan, the first Asian country to host the tournament.

"I think what you've all seen over the last three weeks absolutely in every respect vindicates the right decisions to be hosting a World Cup here in Japan," he said.

"We always knew there were going to be risks. It's rare for a typhoon of this magnitude to cause this impact this late in the typhoon season."

He added that World Rugby had looked "pretty exhaustively" at other options for the games, including switching venues, but "we couldn't guarantee consistent contingency plans across all those games safely for all the teams and fans involved".

Seven games were slated for the final weekend of the pool stage, when matches are tightly packed and cannot be rescheduled. Cancelled games are recorded as 0-0 draws, with both teams awarded two points.

England and France have already qualified from Pool C, with Eddie Jones's men top of the group, but Pool A hangs in the balance ahead of Japan's final game against Scotland in Yokohama on Sunday.

If that game were abandoned, Scotland would be eliminated and Japan would qualify for their first quarter-final as shock group winners, with Ireland runners-up.

Australia's game against Georgia on Friday will go ahead, as will Saturday's match between Ireland and Samoa, which is in Fukuoka in Japan's southwest, out of the predicted path of the storm.

Hagibis, packing maximum gusts of up to 270km/h, is currently projected to batter the Tokyo and Yokohama area on Saturday.

The storm "is predicted to be the biggest typhoon of the 2019 season and is highly likely to cause considerable disruption... including likely public transport shutdown and disruption", said Gilpin.

Japan's Meteorological Agency said Hagibis was currently "a large and violent typhoon" and while it will weaken before hitting the mainland, it will "remain very strong" and have a "significant impact over large areas". 

Hagibis is currently forecast to clip the southeastern corner of Japan near Tokyo and Yokohama but given its size, the impact will be felt across wide swathes of the country.

Formula One organisers also said they were "closely monitoring" the potential impact of Hagibis ahead of this weekend's Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka, southwest of Tokyo.

In 2014, Marussia driver Jules Bianchi crashed in bad weather conditions caused by a typhoon, and remained in a coma until his death the following July.

Many people in Chiba, east of Tokyo, are still recovering from Typhoon Faxai, which struck Japan in early September and caused widespread disruption, leaving two people dead and cutting power to half-a-million homes.

Hagibis is taking a similar trajectory to Faxai but is nearly three times bigger in terms of area.

Organisers received immediate criticism for the cancellations, with former World Cup winner Francois Pienaar telling Sky Sports: "Everybody has worked so hard. Why, if you work that hard and prepare yourself, let weather influence the outcome of the match? It shouldn't."

Simon Learey, a British fan here, said he had flown out for the England-France game after getting the tickets as a birthday present.

"Very disappointed, we're only here four days, only to see that game," said Learey."

How idiotic can Strzok become when he posts on this site.   Obviously he knows about storms in teacups and zero about the real storms  - same as he knows zero about rugby and pretend he does.    


Oct 10, 2019, 07:53

The Ireland - Samoa match is not cancelled.  Is that reason the fact that the field has a roof?  

Scotland must hope the Sunday match is not cancelled, since it would mean that they would be out if the WC.   They would be out anyway if they win without a bonus point and Japan gets one..  

Oct 10, 2019, 13:08

Ou maaik.......no games are givens........officials are just waiting to see how this pans out.....

Even with a roof over the field........no point playing if there’s no one there in the stadium..............it’s a safety issue for everyone not just the players.............

It’s shit for the teams though.........ABS were probably fielding their strongest team for a last hit out..........if Ireland play with a win over Samoa they will head into the quarters full of confidence.......that will be a hard beast to tame....

Hansen I suspect will be going to plan B....psychologically they’ll prepare like they played their game against Italy...............and train twice as hard............but I can see that game shaping up to be a real battle...........possibly even a game of two halves.

Don’t think we’ve heard the last of this......................big storm coming might be of epic proportions..........shame really if this jeopardises the integrity of the WC.............Italian coach not happy.........................he feels his team hasn’t been given the respect as other teams............like Scotland/Japan/Ireland.................he could have a valid point...

Have to hope.........and wait and see...........it all works out.

Fark....what a mess

Oct 10, 2019, 15:47

Storm in a tea cup......the teams that were likely to play in the QFs are still likely to play.

Oct 10, 2019, 19:00

The language of Idiot Speak has been developed to affine art by Strzok,  LMAO 

Oct 10, 2019, 19:23

No Divine Windw jokes?

Oct 11, 2019, 16:40

The Japs want to play on Sunday...Scotty wants to litigate if yhe match is canceled.

I wasn't aware that the Japanese team is totally amateur and the players barely get payed for playing in the world cup. They are playing for the love of the game. 

Go Japan!

Oct 12, 2019, 11:47

They can do as they please and will get nowhere.

The Typhoon was set to hit Japan by 12:00 today and  there is already chaos in advance.   Have a look at what was happening even before the Typhoon actually hit Japan at the following website:-


There were also pictures taken during the evening - Japan Time.

I am afraid I cannot see how the matches scheduled for tomorrow - that is in less than 24 hours  from now - will take place,   To prepare the grounds for matches will be virtually impossible if the wreckage caused is borne in mind.   My guess is that all matches tomorrow will be called off as well.   


Oct 12, 2019, 11:50


They are not playing for the love of the game - their Clubs pay them huge salaries to play rugby and they will get generous bonuses if they get through to the play-offs.   

Oct 12, 2019, 11:50


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