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Jun 05, 2019, 10:38

The situation is there are 3 pools and those are the following:-

Pool A

France            5

Wales             4

Argentina        1

Fiji                  0

Pool B

Australia         5

Ireland           5

England          0

Italy               0

Pool C 

New Zealand    5

South Africa     5

Scotland          0

Georgia           0

The points after Round 1 is provided - each team has to more rounds to play in the round robin stage.

I only watched 2 of the 6 games played, namely the New Zealand game and the SA game.   So lets get down to some observations:-

NZ Game 

The fact is that the situation is as follows:-

*   The NZ game is very good in line-outs and at breakdowns

*   The kick and chase game is good and their players are good in handling balls kicked at them

*   Their backline penetration is average and not as strong as is normal with NZ teams

*   Their scrumming is very poor

SA Game

*   The line-out performance of SA was piss poor and breakdowns slightly better

*   The kick and chase game is good and their players, but their handling of balls kicked at them was poor

*   Their backline penetration is above average and they did score tries from far out with a number of players involved

*   Their scrumming was very good.

The key match to determine who goes through to the playoff rounds will be between NZ and SA next week. 

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