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Sep 14, 2023, 20:20

13-12 to France after 54 mins!

Sep 14, 2023, 20:39

Not sure if it;s just complacency but France look bog ordinary.

I keep expecting the floodgates to open but Uruguay are defending brilliantly.

I know it's the B team but on the this showing, France are not a team to be feared.

Come on Uruguay!

Sep 14, 2023, 20:56

Game over. The Frogs couldn't even get a bonus point . . . against Uruguay!

27-12 might sound comfortable enough but at the end of the day they beat a minnow rugby nation by 3 tries to 2.

And the All Blacks lost to this lot? Bring it, Froggies and Kiwis!

Sep 14, 2023, 21:00

Uruguay had there chances to win this game they just made mistakes at critical moments. At least they tried to play positive rugby, the French were living off the mistakes Uruguay made.

Sep 14, 2023, 22:29

Good on Uruguay - good for their game

Sep 14, 2023, 22:34

Well it’s now apparent that the only Red Cards are going to be given to England….

Sep 15, 2023, 04:03

Whole of New Zealand were jumping for Uruguay... shucks next time baby. 

Sep 15, 2023, 06:45

 As per normal thinking wnt out of th e window.   Effectively Uruguay played the  French "B" team.   The starting line-up only had 4 of the players who played ag ainstthe AB's.   That idicates a missing element in F Rench Rugb - ie lack f depth.    

Urugauy should be conratulated on their achievement though.  Here we have a team of amateurs fom Uruguay putting up a good show,


Sep 15, 2023, 09:04

A tier 2 team with a strong pack can disrupt at the source. Attack orientated teams are the easiest to disrupt. What does this mean for France? Not a whole lot. 

Sep 15, 2023, 12:52

Sad but true Deus. We have seen already that a strong set piece & defense can thwart a good attacking team. Unless the attacking team scores early & puts scoreboard pressure on them. Teams like SA can dominate territory & their defense forces mistakes. Rolling mauls & kick for field position plus taking field goals seems to be the most successful approach.

Sep 15, 2023, 16:26

France had better not get any more injuries or they will be in big trouble. 

It's looking like this RWC is wide open with refs and injuries possibly playing a critical role. Look at that absurd red Curry got. 

Sep 16, 2023, 10:59

What does this mean for France? Not a whole lot.

It means they got what they wanted.

A RCW is 7 game long, they managed to skip one game for the first and most of the second side (this was a C team)

The schedule is somehow interesting: next game NA, week off, IT and then quarter finals.

NA is weaker than UR and this C team had one game to gel in.

There is the potential to skip one more game. Reducing the number of games played to five if going to the final.

That noted, three weeks off may be hard to handle for certain players who will request playing against NA to remain game fit.

Game against NA will probably feature a B team as regular starters want to play.

Or FR is all in and considers that the game against IT is enough as a warming up platform for the quarter finals. That would give a large edge in freshness.

Sep 16, 2023, 12:50

The Bok defence doesn't create opportunities, sadly. Those days are long since gone. The Boks require free space. This cycle of rugby post 2015 is very much more open and has gotten progressively more open. The Boks are not very good at anything right now, but can run at open space very fast. They take advantage of poor defending on the outside. As quality of defending improves, they'll go from mediocre to the abyss in no time. 

Sep 16, 2023, 12:54

"The Bok defence doesn't create opportunities, sadly."


A statement that perfectly sums up Doos's rugby knowledge.

Sep 16, 2023, 13:54

Deus, defence in the red zone can create penalties and then 3 points. 

Sep 16, 2023, 16:37

Deus, defence in the red zone can create penalties and then 3 points. 

Yes, it can. Reference examples of the Boks really pressuring with their defence. 

It's funny. Those calling others stupid can never answer the most basic of questions or provide any level of analytical info on any phase of the game, at even the most basic level. They still think of first receiver as 10, and second receiver as "the 12 position", that 13 always interacts with 12, and other such non sense. They can't discern basic patterns or roles. These are the same people who thought Schalk played flyhalf, and that Willemse played 10 against New Zealand. Very basic errors, yet they call others stupid. Interesting. I've never seen the likes of Saddex, Mrs Searle or Guppy provide any evidence for anything they say. They regurgitate what the media tells them and pretend they called it early. When they do try to fly solo, it's always an embarrassing gaff. 

Sep 16, 2023, 17:08

Lemur...even the Mighty Schulk sees the light....

Sep 16, 2023, 20:06

Where is this the case? Draht, it's that simple. Show me where this is the case. I have always challenged the blowhard for details and the very best they come up with is "x said y therefore it's true because I feel that's right despite the people who say it isn't true, because I don't feel it's right". Nobody has ever been able to refute a single thing I have ever posted. The difference is doing one's homework and lining those ducks in a row. A faulty foundation can never stand up to scrutiny. Ende. 

Sep 16, 2023, 20:30

"Nobody has ever been able to refute a single thing I have ever posted."


Talk about lacking in self-awareness . . . and this same self-important clown calls other people narcissists.

Sep 16, 2023, 21:44

Well then Mrs Searle, the floor is yours. What have you refuted? Keep in mind that your don't make rugby posts. Your closest contribution would be that Notshe is Bok of the century.

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