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Aug 12, 2019, 10:07

Don't know when last I enjoyed a Springbok test match as much as that victory over the Pumas. Even when we went down to that early try you could see the players didn't panic and they kept their self-belief.

I'm starting to believe we can win this RWC!

Bit of a downer coming back to read all the same tired bullshit comments on this board as the prejudiced and biased old fools push their same tired bullshit agendas.

I think we have to simply accept that the likes of Pieter-Steph du Toit can smash as many defenders back in the tackle, make as many tackles as he always does and play with so much pride and passion but on this forum he'll always get slagged off because one geriatric old fool once said he didn't rate him and his Servile Gimps took up the cause. The same applies to Damian De Allende except it's a different geriatric supporting him and a different one slagging him off.

It's incredibly childish and nothing short of pathetic. We finally win a Rugby Championship and the first thing that the geriatrics do is put up their pathetically stupid little "ratings" where they attack the players they hate and inflate the scores of the donkeys that they love. It really has become the most predictable and boring thing following every single test match involving the Springboks.

Can't we just celebrate a great win and our first Rugby Championship title?

Go Bokke!

Aug 12, 2019, 10:13

Always nice when a Welsh supporter has a few kind words to say about the Boks! At least you guys were number 1 for a little while so congrats.:D

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