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Jul 16, 2022, 22:06

Just what I predicted isn't it? Splingblockheads will front up physically playing their dour shitty rugby and win and then the fans will have their tails up... back to being best in the world again. Flaky arseholes. The Blocks were nowhere near the class of Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, England, France. Tier 2 Rugby at the most. Going down the shitter. Just don't have it with the players.

Blackboy, I forgive you because I know you're just angry you had to comb your mother's ass hair with your teeth again. 

Jul 17, 2022, 13:44

Wee cc you are all bitter and twisted because the Bok had such a convincing win. 

According to you we  are never as good as the sides you mention. However, the record shows you are dead wrong. 

You hatred is blinding you and you can't see the wood from the trees.

I predict more pain is on its way.

Rosie is not a happy camper. Another Bok win. Oh no wails Rosie how can they win when they are so bad. How can they win 3 works cups etc or achieve number 1 ranking. It makes no sense he wails quite undone. Sob sob! 

Somebody kindly give Rosie a big box of tissues with a repeat supply every month. Hahahahahaha. 

The Boks are not going to stop winning matches its what we do. Yes we lose some but hey what an outstanding record we have. Get used to it. Embrace it and your pain will ease. 

Beeno l, sane and realistic as always giving sound advice to the unhinged wee Rosie. 

Jul 17, 2022, 14:48

Fuck the Blocks aren't good enough to hate. Falling in the rankings and those double wc points aren't going to save them! Nope not as good as its. 4 in last 5 against your lot and Ireland have a great record. The rugby you fags play are waaaay off that of the top 5 sides in the world. Eat facts. All like I predicted so don't give me this shit like it didn't turn out the way I said You all are exactly puffed up like I said. 

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