What now about the various Superbru and other competitions we participated in?

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Mar 15, 2020, 09:03

With the only game not played in Round 7 being the one between the Jaguares and Highlanders being suspended and the last game between the Waratahs and Brumbies played the question mark remains - what will happen to all the games we were involved in?   

Aside from missing the games itself  the competitiveness in all the competitions associated will  be missed,   

So far all the multi-nations competitions in rugby have been suspended or postponed,  Those  include the following:-

*   The 6-Nations

*    The European Champions Cup

*    The European Challenge Cup

*    The Guinness Top 14

*    Super Rugby 

I am not sure what is happening to internal  competitions in the UK and France as well as in Japan and the USA.   Also the Varsity Cup in SA,   Has anybody got any news on that score?          

Mar 16, 2020, 02:11

French Top 14 suspended.  

Mar 16, 2020, 07:11

The Varsity Cup has been suspended,  The Under 20 RWC has been cancelled as well.  Signs are the Premiership is next in line for suspension,    

The South African Government  has declared a State of Emergency and effectively closed the borders of the country officially.    However, whether that will be effective is another question - the borders of SA is notoriously porous and the country is flooded by millions of illegal migrants,              

No meetings where more than a hundred people are present will be allowed in SA,  There are now 61 identified carriers of coronavirus in SA and of those all bar 1 are returnees  from countries where the virus has been identified as a major problem. 

All visas granted to foreign visitors not  already in the country have been cancelled  and no new  visas will be approved,    Those include visitors from the EU, the UK, Switzerland, Turkey, Brazil, Iran, China and other countries where there is a danger of carriers entering SA,    All SA returnees will be tested and then required to go into quarantine for 21 days even of they are not affected by the virus. 

SA is in lockdown and all schools will be closed as from 18 March and Universities such as  Wits and Cape Town has already suspended all lectures and will endeavor to continue through on line study,   Others are expected to follow today.               

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