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Dec 17, 2020, 12:08

So I have been looking at this for some time now to try and figure out how we can continue to keep rugby in SA alive. 

By some chance, we were able to stumble on a format that might just work and ensure that all of our regions have the opportunity to participate and develop their rugby. 

I also feel really sorry for the Cheetahs that they now have to get the chop, yet again, but think there is a better way in how we could do this. 

So my question is, why not keep the Unlock + Currie Cup format as is. 

Play home and away league format with the teams we have right now. Which is 12 games 

Number 1 and 2 can have a Currie Cup final, no need for Semis etc. 

The top 4 teams go on to play in Europes Pro 16. 

Those are normally 14 games that the play, but just carrie the points over that you have already accumulated during the qualifying rounds. 

For the 3 teams that did not qualify will then go into our own SA local competition. Given that we have 14 provinces, it will be a league of 10 teams with 18 home and away games. The top 3 teams of this league will then qualify to participate in. our local comp that will qualify to play in Europe. 

But further to this, I would put some serious salary capping in place and limit how many contracted players each union can have. 

I would allow the union to at least have 10 players where there is no salary cap that applies and if they qualify to play in Europe this cap can be increased. 

We saw what is going on at. WP and even the lions were nearly bankrupt. 

My end goal is to reward those unions that produce talented players from their youth structures and prevent poaching, like we've seen from the bulls and sharks and ensure that all the players in the local provinces want to represent their province first. 

Create a healthy local comp

Dec 17, 2020, 13:14


This really is an interesting posting and I have to congratulate you on it,  

Erasmus has already announced that the Unions participating in Super Rugby and now in the Guinness Top 16  may not have more than 45 players in employ and where they have extras in some positions the players  in such positions will be relocated to strengthen the other teams that may be short of players in the relevant positions/

There is already a salary cap in place and that is the real situation.   The only thing that remains is the cleaning u of the mess in for instance  the WPRU,   That could be done through selling off shares to the private sector - like the Bulls did - and allow the private sector involvement in management of the professional component of the game - leaving the Provinces to run the   amateur component  of the game.   

Erasmus took on the job of  Director for exactly to identify talented players and then ensure that the talent will not be wasted like used to happen frequently in the past because of dud coaches in the provinces,         

Dec 17, 2020, 14:40

Ja, I just think that we need to stop the hording of players. If we can, keep the best players in the country and ensure that we can put the best 4 to 7 teams. We have the talent, just need better management 

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