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Worst year yet

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Apr 15, 2019, 14:34

Anyone else suffering from a severe disinterest in SR this year?

Perhaps it's the calm before the WC storm. 

More than likely it's that none of our teams are playing anything similar to good rugby consistently.

The Lions back line has not changed much but look a shadow of their former selves. If ever proof was required as to how bad a poorly performing forward pack can affect the backs...look no further.

It's an interesting case, because the backs have three years of evidence supporting their case of being more than sufficient. All that's changed is the forwards. Logically, that's where the problem is.

Slow clears, poor support, shocking defense, all factors in making a potentially lethal set of backs look like useless twits. 

All of this probably means we'll win the WC :)

Apr 15, 2019, 20:07

Agree this Lions pack is not as good as in the past. 

Also the loss of Faf and Janse van Rensburg was big. 

How big a loss was coach Ackermann?

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