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May 20, 2023, 12:26

There are only two countries in the world where Rugby Union is the national passion. New Zealand and Wales. Stav might argue Ireland but I suspect rugby loses out to both Hurling and Gaelic football. Sevens and/or League is bigger than Union in Fiji, Samoa and Tonga.

We South Africans support our Springboks with the same kind of fervour and passion as the Welsh and the Kiwis but it's only really our white population. As a nation, football is our national passion . . . but I don't know why. I have supported Bafana Bafana as passionately as any Zulu, Xhosa or Sotho person but it's been about as rewarding as supporting our Proteas in cricket WCs. We may not claim rugby as our national sport but it's the one and only sport where we deliver. Golf used to be the other sport but not so much these days.

I believe our performances in rugby on the world stage over more than a century make rugby our national sport but that would probably be regarded as racist by the EFF or the ANC.

Wales and New Zealand are the two countries where rugby is the national passion and . . . coincidentally or not . . . they're probably the two countries I'd consider emigrating to if things get worse here . . . or should I say, much worse than our current scenario which is basically circling the drain.

On a side note, I will be visiting Wales for only the second time in my life in 2 weeks time. I'm doing a tour of the UK in June travelling from cousins in London to my aunt in Kent to my sister in Bristol to my aunts and cousins in Wales to cousins in Chester to my wife's aunts, uncles and cousins in Lancaster and Morecambe to my wife's cousin in Edinburgh to my cousin in Aberdeen, then back to Edinburgh for 3 days by ourselves before flying back to Jo'burg. Sorry to Dave, Sharkbok and other posters I'd like to meet or see again, but I'm on a very tight schedule and won't be able to meet up.

If I'm quiet for a while, it's not because I've been bested by Baboon-ou's sound reason or ou Maaik's great intellect . . . it's because I'm on a break.

So looking forward to visiting the Land of my Fathers. My father was a Welshman as were his fathers. I'm going to see the house where my paternal grandmother and great grandparents grew up. I believe that I am in a tiny minority of people who can sing both the South African and the Welsh national anthems, word for word, with the correct pronunciation and in tune. (I sing a lot, usually to myself in the car or with my grandchildren, I sing a lot, just as my Mom did). 

I doubt if a single non-South African could say the same and I don't think too many South Africans with Welsh ancestry have taken the trouble to learn any Welsh songs as I have, including Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau. I should be the one singing both national anthems any time the Springboks play Wales.

Good luck to the Stormers next weekend. (I don't say that very often!)

May 20, 2023, 14:17

You're some odd piece of work and I'll probably never see eye to eye with you, but go well and have a safe trip..try not to be so much of a d!ck over there and come back safely Rudehole...

May 20, 2023, 16:12

Nice post Rooinek. I too love singing. When I was in Greece I was made an honorary member of the Irish fraternity, because I knew all their songs. 

With some golfing friends on a trip to Scotland we were in an Aberdeen restaurant. I knew the words to the Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen … I wrote them down and gave them to a waiter to photo copy.

Armed with the words we rendered the Northern Lights….one of my mates has a great bass voice and made the rendition quite acceptable. The other patrons applauded the whole thing. It was actually a profound experience….humans connecting.

We should all sing more….have a great trip.

May 20, 2023, 21:09

Have fun in Wales.

May 20, 2023, 23:25

Enjoy Rooi

Agreed we should sing more - listening to the amazing traditional singing at tte Waterfront in CT made me reflect on the fact that us whites just don’t have that draw to sing like our African brothers

Their singing is a joy to behold and warms the heart - it must be so lovely to be part of something like that

I love my music as much as I love my rugby. My two passions in life

May 21, 2023, 17:35

Sounds as though you have a very busy time of it. 

I hope you really enjoy your trip over here and that the weather settles down a bit for you. 

Safe travels. 

May 22, 2023, 06:40

Sounds like it's going to be an enjoyable family trip...

Try not to piss off too many Irish, Welsh and British.... we know you have the capacity to do so :D

Enjoy Rooinek

May 22, 2023, 07:46

Enjoy, RedBalls

As you're in IT, I don't have to teach you how to upload photos.

Don't care much for the cities but if you find yourself near some mountains, either up north or in Wales, then do snap some pics for us.

We won't beat VisKop up too badly while you're gone.

May 22, 2023, 11:08

Countries that might afford several passions are disadvantaged.

May 22, 2023, 11:35

Yes have a great trip rooi. I fully understand Mike and I have been rather tough on you but you need lots of  of guidance.

Comeback refreshed and ready for more education. 

But sincerely boet have a great time you will be missed. 

May 31, 2023, 08:32

That brought a tear to my eye bro you’re not the cunt these arseholes make you out to be. Judging by all the sucking up lately they must have seen the light.

Kiwi land awaits you ma bro

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