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Apr 24, 2024, 14:49

This much maligned player set a record that will probably never be equalled…two World Cup finals and not one missed tackle. He made 31 tackles in total….15 in 2019, 16 in 2023.

Not only does this represent great consistency, but it’s also a huge total, especially when you take into account he only played 58 minutes in 2019 and 52 minutes in 2023. So in total 110 minutes/31 tackles/none missed.

So 31 tackles in 110 minutes  is equivalent to 22.5 tackles in 80 minutes. But his tackle rate against the ABs was even higher at 24.6. Scarcely less than Dud Toit at 28….but Dud missed 3 tackles.

You heard it here first….where are our reporters. In the NFL this would have been a major talking point.

Apr 24, 2024, 14:53

Mosterd made process tackles. :D

Steph DuToit tackled players backwards with far more physicality. 

Mosterd is good, but an inform Du Toit is a match-winner. 

Wasnt he man of the match in 2023, (and perhaps a contender in 2019- I think it went to Vermuelen)

Apr 24, 2024, 15:02

It went to Vermeulen….tell us about the tackles Dud Toit broke as our designated forward runner, the balls he stole at the breakdown, the lineouts he took, the kickoffs he caught.

He did nothing but tackle in both WC finals and even then Mostert did better.

Apr 24, 2024, 15:06

Dud Toit’s stats vs England.

11 tackles/1 missed/1turnover conceded

4 runs/2 metres

MOM give  me a break.

Apr 24, 2024, 15:18

Pieter-Steph wins us the RWC final almost single-handedly . . . just as he did 4 years ago . . . but it doesn't matter if he always steps up in the big games and becomes a national hero because Moffie once called him a poor player . . . so he'll always be a poor player according to Moffie. 

Childish yes, ignorant yes, but that is how the egg-faced fool rolls.


Pieter-Steph is the greatest Springbok of the modern era.

Apr 24, 2024, 15:33

The modern era….gosh. Greater than Joost, Habana, Matfield, the Beast, Etzebeth. Wow that’s  great.

But Pollard won the last WC. We could have won without Dud making all those process tackles, but we couldn’t have won if Pollard hadn’t made every kick he took in the WC.

Apr 24, 2024, 15:43

That Mostert stat is absolute bullshit as I know for a fact he missed a tackle in that goal line defence against England in 2019 and no doubt missed a few in the 2023 final but I’d need to go watch that again

But he definitely missed one in 2019

And to be fair who gives a fuck about all these little process tackles - hardly the measure of a Bok test lock. If he had not made them other players would have.

Had they been dominant tackles like PSDT effected in the last final then we would have something to talk about

Same as his pathetic work in the carry, twice he coughed up possession once close to the line against England.

Do you ever see a physical clean out by him? Or imposing himself physically on the charge? Given the physical weakness he shows in general play there can be no way he is an asset in the engine room of the Bok scrum.

You have his weedy 112kg frame as compared to Lood at 125kg or RG at 136kg. As a prop I know which lock I would want behind me

Fuck me Esterhuizen our centre is bigger and de Allende is the same size

Mostert is a physical joke

Apr 24, 2024, 16:09

You were a prop Dave….who were you playing for Lillyput?.

Apr 24, 2024, 18:03

Prop my arse I was a centre and did pretty well at school outside the mighty Hennie le Roux

Apr 24, 2024, 23:40

 You have his weedy 112kg frame as compared to Lood at 125kg or RG at 136kg. As a prop I know which lock I would want behind me’

Apr 25, 2024, 00:28

Mostert was a weak tackler in both tests and in cases where he tacklesd players they routinely went forward in the tackles.    He was useless in the real sense of the word.         

Apr 25, 2024, 05:08

Ja Dave is right, Mostert did miss a tackle in the previous final that wasn't logged or for some reason not considered as a miss. I would have marked it a miss.  Barely registers in terms of his wider efforts though.

Apr 25, 2024, 06:05

Please note the absolute wisdom present in this statement...

"And to be fair who gives a fuck about all these little process tackles - hardly the measure of a Bok test lock. If he had not made them other players would have."

Haha it doesn't come more clueless than that.

1) If he misses, someone else has to make the tackle...obviously narrowing the defensive line. I guess in Dave's retarded world it doesn't matter how many defenders are on their feet.

2) Process tackles are basically useless!!!??? Cos Dave can tackle a muscle bound120kg man backwards when bursting from behind a ruck and diving downwards towards the line. Haven't you heard...The Fat Lip is actually Thor.

This is a the guy that parades his rugby "wisdom" and tells everyone else they're ignorant, clueless, etc etc.

The thing about stupid people, they never know they're stupid.

"Vey is beeg, so vey is rrreeel Bok."

"A arricle did say DDA is good so him is oso a rrreeely, bestest Bok."

What a clown!

Apr 25, 2024, 08:35

Fuck me Buttplug you have to be the biggest dunce on the planet - you just keep fucking up again and again and again

Now read this slowly - I’m saying take the utterly useless Mostert out of the equation not meaning we are then down to 14 men you stupid prick.

Let’s say I have RG in his place - you know RG, an actual person, a rugby player, part of the 15 not 14.

I’ll stop there as this is too embarrassing Roos12

Apr 25, 2024, 08:37

‘ You have his weedy 112kg frame as compared to Lood at 125kg or RG at 136kg. As a prop I know which lock I would want behind me’

Not literally Moz - we have discussed our playing days on numerous occasions and you will know I never played prop or anywhere in the forwards

Apr 25, 2024, 08:38

Exactly Pakie it was a full blown miss when the Boks were defending the goal line. I think Faf was another who missed a tackle during that passage of play

Apr 25, 2024, 13:14

There was a tackle  on George Ford that I would have classified as a miss. Looking at it a few times though,  the player on Ford is Pollard who gets dummied and Ford steps inside. Mostert gets an arm on him and stops his progress. The Beast puts him away.

Obviously the software doesn’t classify that as a missed tackle. Nor would it classify similar efforts by other players as missed tackles. Debate the rule, but according to the rule applied to all players Mostert was 31 and zero.

Apr 25, 2024, 13:14

The truth about tackling is most tackles have the attacker going forward in the tackle. As proof I provide the Dud Toit tapes. He timed two tackles on Barrett where he was in an undecided mode and knocked him back. There was another tackle on a receiver turning after a kick went behind him.

For the rest, including some tackles he missed, Dud Toit’s target went through his tackle in the process of going to ground.

The idea that Mostert should be knocking runners backwards is nonsense. And if you are wondering if Mostert is a weed….watch at minute 13 as Jodie Barrett breaks the through the Dud tackle and Mostert rips him to the ground.

Apr 25, 2024, 16:47

Moffie, if you'd typed "duplicate" like ou Maaik does it would have been marginally less embarrassing than this biased and ignorant tripe you chose to replace your double-post blunder.

Apr 25, 2024, 17:12

Actually the last post you see is the first one I posted. The post above I marked with an X and then replaced it by addressing the question of whether Mostert missed a tackle. Both posts addressing points raised by others.

There was more rugby content in those posts than 95% of the personal attacks which are your standard offering.

So once again, in your warped desire to get me (sic) you have made a fool of yourself. Give up man, you’ll never succeed.

Apr 25, 2024, 17:22

Mostert missing a tackle is not up for debate it’s as clear a miss as any

As for comparing his powder puff efforts vs the huge physical hits by PSDT in the final is insulting

PSDT put in more dominant tackles in that final than Mostert has effected in his entire career

Apr 25, 2024, 17:29

He put in 4, in two of those cases because the player was going sideways, and one against Barrett because he hesitated and was a sitting duck. The other he genuinely timed a big hit on Barrett perfectly.

For the rest he was carried along in the tackle just as Mostert, Etzebeth, Vermeulen or anybody else. Some of the toughest tackles made in the goal line stand were Mostert on Vunipola.

You don’t have to believe me, it’s all on the video.

Apr 25, 2024, 17:35

Just so we're clear. Moffie, the ignorant, childish and laughably biased witterings from a self-important yet painfully stupid old rugby noob do not constitute "rugby content".

You can call the all-time legendary Springbok  and warrior Pieter-Steph du Toit a "dud" and you can whine about his inability to tackle to your heart's content but only your most servile of gimps would see it as anything other than a truly pathetic attempt to try and save some face after you slagged him off for so many years.

If you ever put up some actual rugby content rather than this infantile drivel just to pretend you haven't got copious amounts of egg all over your stupid fat face then I'll be the first to applaud you. 

You backed the wrong horse, chump. Accept it and deal with it. Pieter-Steph has already done enough to cement his place in the annals of Springbok rugby folklore as one of the greats and to see a pompous, self-aggrandizing old fool like you continue deriding him after his heroics in two RWC finals is nothing short of sickening. Don't confuse your childish and ignorant drivel with "rugby content".


Apr 25, 2024, 17:51


Great. Now give us your take on Fat Lip's view on Mostert in light of his 2x World Cup heroics.

Moz doesn't back PSDT...huge problem, so biased, so so so...

Fat Lip gives even less respect go Mostert, but Rooi the slimy coward remains as hush as can be. Strange, cos didn't Mostert perform like a beast and doesn't he also have 2x WCs to his name too?


Well, we already know why.

It's called living the slimy coward life and this is just another day in it.

Ne, RooiBallas?

Apr 25, 2024, 17:53

Oh how tough….you are such a keyboard Wallie. Dud does one thing and one thing only….tackle. He doesn’t fetch, he doesn’t offload, he doesn’t break tackles, he doesn’t run good lines, he doesn’t take kick offs,  he doesn’t even get called on in the lineouts. He is a totally limited player. 

Now that you have got that, your constant focus on strings I start and whining about me is embarrassing. 

Practice what you preach:

Apr 24, 2024, 14:42

Moffie, does your constant and whiny need for my attention ever bother you?

Be honest now.

Apr 25, 2024, 17:56

Yep Plum total hypocrisy on the part of the small Wallie. Still I’m off to golf, you can handle these two losers with one hand tied behind your back. 

Apr 25, 2024, 18:07

Absolute rubbish ButtPlug. I've never been anti Mostert and I'm on record as saying he's a worthy Springbok who playes with great passion and commitment. Go do some searches and stop lying,

But did Mostert have the same impact that PSdT had in winning us two RWCs? Did he front up like Pieter-Steph did when it really mattered? No, he didn't.

I did say that only the most servile of Moffie's gimps would support him in his childish little campaign against PSdT and you've just proved my point.

I actually have more respect for Moffie than I do for you. His rugby ignorance and his bias is at least original and not the repulsive sucking up of a grovelling toadie. That would be . . . ummm . . . you!

Apr 25, 2024, 18:53

Rooi you are so right old Buttplug is so fucking pathetic

Apr 25, 2024, 19:27

That post totally whooshed you, Rooi.

If not, why are you defending your own stance on Mostert?

The question is why Moz not appreciating PSTD is so deserving of scorn, yet the Fat Lip's berating of Mostert doesn't raise an ounce of ire.

And umm, I said I thought PSDT played very well in the WC final, both on the live match thread and numerous times since. So, what exactly are you on about?

Like I said, slimy coward doing slimy coward things. Slimy, jealous, and very butt hurt coward.

But we know this about you already. The bitter knob of Ruckers, far too afraid to stick his neck out, unless it's in an attempt to dogpile.

Poor Fat Lip is very confused at this point. He's become so accustomed to not using any evidence to support his claims. "It is so, because I, the mega Fat Lip, say it is so..." being his very grown up and "intelligent" way of debating, that when you simply declare the same, with the same lack of evidence...his micro-brain completely wigs out.

Apr 25, 2024, 19:36

Buttplug stop scraping the barrel, lying your way does not give your horseshit any credibility but I’m guessing you are too stupid to work that out

Instead of boring Rooi with your incompetence why not talk us through Roos at 12 one more time

Pretty please Roos12 or is it Plug up your arse - which do you prefer? Serious question

Apr 25, 2024, 20:08

Saffex, how the hell were you, with that minute intellect of yours, ever of any service to anyone in your capacity as a solicitor?

It would take me all of 5 minutes in your presence to know that I wouldn't want you anywhere near anything that I have ANYTHING to do with.

I made my case for Roos at 12, very clearly, and knowingly went against the grain of tried and tested wisdom to do so. I took the hard road and made a convincing case...why? Because debating you on level terms is punching down. When your face gets all red and that Lip gets fat, you've already lost. You're just too easy...and it's become boring. So I chucked you a bone to see how you'll go. And you still failed. You failed with almost everything on your side. It's difficult to fail that hard even if you're trying to throw.

Your failure is evidenced by the fact that you never made a single valid argument against Roos 12, even though said tried and tested wisdom was well on your side.

I'll summarise for you, cos I know that I already lost you somewhere in the second paragraph...

I gave you the easy side of the debate, and you never managed to make any sort of case for yourself. I stacked the odds in your favour but the best you managed was a predicted list of logical fallacies(that in and of itself was comedy of the highest order).

For the also employed literally the most basic logical fallacies...the ones that first year law students chew through in their sleep. The ones no half intelligent first year student would dare attempt to use because they how stupid they would be made to look when the most stupid person in the class points out that an appeal to authority is meaningless.

A solicitor!!!???

You passed the exams but you sucked at the job so turned to something more suited to your voltage. Be honest now, you got retrenched or asked to I right? It's either that or you're intentionally acting stupid. And I don't think you're acting. What we see here is basically the best you're capable of. And it's damn hilarious.



Apr 25, 2024, 20:20

Keep making it up Buttplug it’s all you are good at

There is no better evidence than Roos at 12 - you made your case for Roos at 12 did you? Says who? You? Self proclamation is a sad indictment of insecurity. Are you a little lost baldy?

You fucking joke

Apr 25, 2024, 23:51

Dud Toit 18 runs against Ireland, France and New Zealand  and not one defender beaten,,,and he won us the World Cup but Pollard didn’t ….sure (sic).

So who were the two biggest supporters of Luke Watson and biggest detractors of Schalk Burger, Dave and (sic)nek. Now they are incensed that I criticize Dud Toit, but for years they went after Schalk, not an opensider, as if Dud is even a flank.

But not a word about Dud who is far worse ball in  hand. Schalk was  not a great ball carrier, but he learned how to offload, was a great fetcher before his neck injury and a superb defender. Dud can’t fetch, period.

There’s one rule for (sic) and another rule for everybody else….the stuff he said about Skinstad was pretty awful. Why? Because he never forgave Bobby for the Teichman firing….just like he never forgave Schalk for Watson not being selected.

Apr 26, 2024, 04:32


You h ave not criticized Du Toit "now"  - you have eben criticxizing him since 2013 and the criticism was always based on  prejudice.   You openly admit you never see aanything  positive about certain players - in other words you just ignore it.   That makes your comments totally delusional.

I have enver seen Mostert making a tacjkle where he stopped forward moverment by the tacxkled player and to bring people down he needs assistance  by fellow playes,    But tackling is a part fot eh whoe evaluation fo players.   Mostert is usless in driving mauls and in breakdwon ball protection and ecovery.   He just gets pushed out fo such situationas easily.  On the whoe he si a very average player and effctively used as a fringe Springbok player.   

He is unlikely to eb even a fringe player in future.    .          

Apr 27, 2024, 04:26


Apr 27, 2024, 04:28

Top tackler

Once again it is little surprise to see the three-lung freak of endurance that is Franco Mostert well and truly leading the way in the tackle count with a tally of 179 this campaign. The Honda Heat star’s total is 13 ahead of the nearest player who is Brave Blossoms skipper Kazuki Himeno (166).

The very high tackle count from the South African shows that Mostert has not taken his foot off the gas after claiming his second World Cup title last year, during which he made a simply crazy 49 tackles during the knockout stages of that tournament. What made it even more sweet is that the towering forward did not miss one during that period.

179 - The six players with the most tackles completed in this season’s @LeagueOne_EN D1:

179 - Franco Mostert  166 - Kazuki Himeno  158 - Pieter Labuschagne  154 - Ardie Savea  149 - Yuya Odo  148 - Tiennan Costley 

Apr 27, 2024, 05:35

...but when I made a rather long and detailed post explaining to Fat Lip that a guy like Mostert saps the opposition energy because he's always there...he didn't buy it.

How he's not there to make bone crunching tackles but rather to put out volume...he wasn't having it.

How, aside from his excellent lineout ability, the draining of opposition energy levels and the subsequent frustration is exactly why Swys, Rassie, and every other coach Mostert has played for, love what he brings.

All the Fat Lip said was "No, because I said so."

But, the Fat Lip does love an appeal to authority, so perhaps this article will see him now calling Mostert the best lock in all of Narnia.

May 02, 2024, 19:04

Well one of the most capped locks to ever wear a Springbopk jersey is quoted as rating MOSTERT the most outstanding lock in the last two world cups and is the one he would select first before any other player to represent his country.

I believe he made that statement when enterviewed on a TV show in South Africa.

That player is VICTOR MATFIELD,

He surely understands the performance, skill and dedication that is required at international level for a lock as opposed to us old guys, rugby followers, ex internationals (?) bloggers and hackers on this forum.

Case closed.

Thank you.

May 02, 2024, 20:10

Well that makes absolutely no sense as he was the same guy that said Lood was the best No5 lock in the world and we know Matfield would not select Mostert ahead of Eben unless Vic has become profoundly stupid

May 03, 2024, 18:58

Lomp is toast…he was marginal at best, he’s days are over.

May 03, 2024, 19:09

He is twice the lock useless Mostert is and is and walks straight back into the Bok starting side - or hopefully the bench with RG starting. A 5/3 bench split will see powder puff dumped for good.

Hopefully given the useless guy turns 34 this year they will dump him from the squad in total

May 03, 2024, 19:17

Walks is the right word….he does lots of walking. And missing tackles as in  the 2015 QF, lost by Lomp and Dud Allende.

May 03, 2024, 19:54

Ah bullshit he is at least a real lock that actually makes a physical impression like a lock should

He is fit and playing good rugby in Japan by all accounts which means Rassie we play him ahead of Mostert either as a starter or on the bench

I’m hoping the bench as while Lood is great RG is next level while Mostert is just plain shit

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