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May 07, 2020, 11:18

There were so many good fights lined up this year. 

Loma V Tiafimo is the biggest victim so far. 

Perhaps it won't affect the timeline for Fury-Wilder. 

Usyk isn't happy. He was set for a spring march across the UK bridge and onward to the USA. Chisora may have to wait a few more moths to announce his retirement. My prediction is for Wilder to be one among Usyk's greeting party, perhaps not the first fight but it'll have to happen.

There's talk of a Tyson comeback. What an odd prospect. A disgraced former assassin with a dark heart returning as the likeable underdog with growing fame in pop culture/intellectual dark web. Must say, still looks like he can hit the stink off of a hobo. 

If they're gonna do these fights, they can't happen under standard professional rules. Why not give them an age category to fight in? Something. 

Mayweather is talking about some weird 9 round boxing & 1 round MMA fights...yeah...ok. In the same category, there are articles claiming De La Hoya, the guy only Maradona could rival in post-career cocaine usage, said that he'll need only two rounds to KO McGreggor.

I really hope this last fight happens. Only because I know that at least one of them will come out embarrassed.

Sucks to be a boxing fan right now.


May 12, 2020, 07:48

So it appears Tyson v Holyfield might happen.

May 13, 2020, 16:47

Yep, what a surprise

Sonny Bill has also been thrown in the mix to fight Tyson for $1 000 000

I personally would actually be ecstatic to see Tyson vs Wilder.... for one reason only....

Wilder has publicly stated as fact... on many different occasions.... that he would definitely have taken out Mike Tyson in his prime.....when I personally think that Wilder would not even take out the Mike Tyson of today...… and I am not joking

Looking at the latest 2 viral videos going the rounds of Tyson sparring, I have no doubt that most people would rather get into a ring with Wilder than face what Tyson is throwing in those vids..... it's astonishing

May 14, 2020, 15:00


Tyson has refused to fight Sonny Bill

He said it would be an insult to boxing, and that he prefers to fight a real boxer

May 15, 2020, 10:31


Does SB actually think he has a chance in that fight?

I see Holyfield's wealth check is at $500k. Poor guy. Tyson's isn't much better.

I say let it be Mike and Holyfield with headgear(maybe).

Perhaps they could each earn a $5-10 million payday. Promote it themselves, etc.

And if I were them, I'd create a boxing reality show together afterwards. I'd lean on TUF for format ideas. There are many reasons why something like that would work for them.

They both enjoy coaching. One thing about Tyson has never changed, his boxing philosophy...which came directly from Cus. It would be a shame if it doesn't get passed on.

May 15, 2020, 10:36


Tell me honestly. 

How gutted are you about Loma v Tiafimo?

Perhaps it's good for Loma, more time for his shoulder. 

Still, what a totally undeniable, worst possible, kakest of kak, mofo'king, deplorable shitstain of tragedy is that we can't see that fight!!!???

May 15, 2020, 12:04

Plum, what a pity that soooo many sports events have been cancelled or postponed because of this crazy virus..... just like this one

When it does finally happen, I hope that Loma knocks him the fuck out..... stone cold

I like Teofimo's confidence, because in any combat sport, you have to back yourself to do well and he has loads of it, and understandably so at 15-0

He's too arrogant for me though, acting with some kind of bully mentality along with his father towards Loma …...and he also believes that he will finish Loma inside 8 rounds...

Well, good luck with that.... and I genuinely admire his belief in himself.... but to me.... power means absolutely nothing, when you are going up against pure skill, accuracy and footwork.....and that is Loma

There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and to me, Teofimo and his dad are just a bit too vocal towards Loma, sometimes just downright rude......so it's an easy one for me to pick

I absolutely thoroughly enjoy it when the loud mouth or bully gets shut up by the quiet guy just going ahead, doing his own thing

Amazing how things like this remind us of times in or own lives....

I was walking down the school corridor once, and this regular loud mouth big class bully was walking directly behind me, talking openly about me to his 2 other mates walking with him...… I ignored him..... because everyone in our grade knew exactly what he was like,,,,,, a real asshole of a bully, who liked to hurt others...… but I had never had a previous issue with him before....and my ignoring him just seemed to irritate or upset him even more, and he got more vocal....because admittedly, compared to now, I was a small chap compared to him back then, and he just wanted a response from me.... any response, for his friends..... which I refused to give him.... so he started trying to pull me off balance by grabbing my school backpack and trying to pull me backwards, right off my feet to land on my backside..... which he very nearly did with his first unexpected attempt...

Shouting, getting more vocal ….. "Ala Teofimo"…..laughing with his mates, acting the school tough guy.....the usual bully mentality...

I politely asked him not to do that again..... nothing more.... just a polite request

Being the bully that he was and always had been.... he tried to do it again

He woke up from a spinning heel kick, with a very clear broken nose.....no lies.... it is still crystal clear in my memory, as I type this now........ and to be honest, and with no shame at all, I admit that I am actually grinning now, by just typing and relating this story, because I absolutely detest bullies... they are disgusting human beings in my opinion, and I have fortunately never ever been a victim of a bully, because I have never allowed it..... nor have my kids, because I drilled that into them from a very young age.....but sadly I have seen what it can do to people who don't or can't do anything..... and it is horrifying.

His 2 mates that were walking with him did nothing at all but just stare at him, then back at me, with an open mouth, in total shock or awe, or just downright disbelief... I have no idea

I never ever had a single issue with that guy, or any of his many "mates" again, through the whole of high school

Sorry for going off track..... but that is very weird how this brought back that memory for me......but to get back to the point...….. this is exactly how I want Loma to shut Teofimo up …. but with a punch :D

May 15, 2020, 12:05

"Still, what a totally undeniable, worst possible, kakest of kak, mofo'king, deplorable shitstain of tragedy is that we can't see that fight!!!???"

Thanks for the laugh..... this did it

May 15, 2020, 12:26

Purely from a boxing perspective, I like Teo.

Lightning fast, powerful and knows how to take an opportunity.

But ja, he and his dad are both maximum idiots.

The problem for them is, Loma has seen off stronger and faster fighters, with ease and without being an a-hole.

May 15, 2020, 12:49

"The problem for them is, Loma has seen off stronger and faster fighters, with ease and without being an a-hole."

Fully agree Plum

It is possibly the toughest test for Loma since he turned pro, or close to it

As I said, I would like to see Lopez on his ass, eyes closed.....

Seriously pissed that Loma started so late..... we have missed out on so many potential dream fights and he would have rearranged many of the boxing records of both currently active and already retired fighters.

May 15, 2020, 13:42

"His 2 mates that were walking with him did nothing at all but just stare at him, then back at me, with an open mouth, in total shock or awe, or just downright disbelief... I have no idea"

There's embarrassing, then there's cringeworthy embarrassing and then there's this . . .

"Hey everyone, want to know how tough I am? Well once there was this bully who was bigger than me and . . . you know what? He was causing with me and . . . you won't believe this . . . but he tuned me so much grief that I gave the naughty bully a sort of Kung Fu super-duper Chuck Norris roundhouse spinning-heel kick so hard in his face that I dropped him one-time and his friends jaws all dropped and, like, like everyone was in like total shock and awe . . . they just couldn't believe what they had seen because, like, I was so cool and so tough and to this day people can hardly believe how cool and tough I was!"

I mean really! When someone has to tell a story like this to try and get attention from some strangers on a message board you have to wonder what a little drip he must really be in real life and how desperate he must be for people to think he's a tough guy.

I've always thought DumbAss must be a weedy little specimen but after reading this hilarious little fantasy my new mental image of him is about half the size I originally thought and I've added some thick glasses, socks&sandals and ginger hair.


May 15, 2020, 14:16

If you screw things up in tennis, it's 15-love. If you screw up in boxing, it's your ass.

May 15, 2020, 14:28


May 15, 2020, 14:37

Pffffffffffhahahaha . . . and sure as nuts, Sonny Bill and Admit One arrive on the scene!

I bet you guys can also tell us stories of how tough you are and how you sorted out the naughty school bully with a roundhouse kick to the face that made everyone's jaws drop open!


May 15, 2020, 15:57

See how nice I was to you in that thread, Rooi?

Feel bad now?

May 15, 2020, 16:15

"because, like, I was so cool"

"people can hardly believe how cool and tough I was"

Damn straight..... I was cool at school..... and tough...… and I am not ashamed to admit it..... even now.... are you?..... oh wait....... you can never really admit to something you weren't....ag, but with all your lies it's par for the course hey Piss Mint

No wonder you dislike so many different people Piss Mint..... no wonder you are the most hated poster most of us have ever come across..... the common denominator of any referenced disliked poster... is you..... across multiple forums.....wow

Did you do the bullying Piss Mint...... and somebody put you horribly in your place?

It is extremely clear from your response that I touched a far recessed nerve with you...….it makes sense now with how you reacted to this post, and with how you always treat most people on this forum …...lol...… you got smacked back didn't you?

Somebody fucked you up something proper, for trying to be a bully..... it all makes sense now. 

As much as I see you as a parasite, feeding off the unfortunate circumstances of others, and milking everything you can for your own gain, at the expense of others, even friends and family....I think I finally get you...… you were also a bully.

The bully got bullied...……. no wonder you drug yourself up and drink yourself into a stupor most days, to rid yourself of all of those horrid young and even older memories

If you never thought at any point in your younger years, that you were cool, tough... invincible..... untouchable......then you never had any real fun..... and you would end up just like.... errr… well.... just like Piss Mint... hating on everyone

If you also didn't stand up to the bullies, for what you really believed in, and let people just do what they could to you..... or at you.....and only pick on those smaller than you...….then you would also end up just like … errr…. well..... just like Piss Mint......hating on everyone, every day

However, when you are nearing retirement age, like Piss Mint......as well as being in a management position in the IT industry..... one would expect some intelligence to go along with all that life experience..... yet here you get Piss Mint again.... who just over the last week alone.... has been utterly and comprehensively schooled by Plum, Ceradyne, Draad, Moz and countless other posters....

All those years..... lost

For the record.... I'm still pretty cool and tough Piss Mint..... not much has changed...… I can make fun of myself all the time...….. sing love songs at the top of my voice when I stop at the traffic lights......not caring what anyone thinks of me...….I often act like a complete and utter fool...… just to have some fun, or elicit a smile from a kid somewhere...…..and I always make a sincere attempt to make sure that I thank the cashier by his or her name, and eagerly watch their response that you recognise them by name...…because everyone wants to be appreciated...... oh....and I also shed a tear or two when watching some stupid drama movie and I have to turn turn away from the kids or the wife... pretending to change positions......or maybe get up to get something from the kitchen......it is what it is..... it is who I am....... no apologies for admitting what I did and what I still do....... and no dude.....I'm still not ashamed or embarrassed to say it...

May 15, 2020, 16:25

"Feel bad now?"

Not at all. 

I felt bad back then though. Lost a family member, a good friend and a beloved pet in the space of 2 days.

May 17, 2020, 12:33


We have a lot in common. 

Heart on sleeve and always find the silver lining. If there is a better way to exist then I've never found it.

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