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Jan 11, 2014, 11:47

This is my list so far . . .

Mary-Anne = Taipansy (aka Taipan)

Truth_Fairy (aka The_Truth) = Stew (aka Stu)

Super = Obergruppenfuhrer Von Barlee (aka Barlee)

Apart from those three confirmed moles, I also have a few strong suspicions . . .

ArizonaMildtwat is either Unterscharfuhrer Hawkeye (aka Hawkeye, aka James Hunt, aka Falke Auge) or else he's an ex Kamp SS poster called Mats.

I'm pretty sure I know who Drivelling Avocado (aka Devils Advocate) is as well but I'm not as sure as I am with the others.

Jan 11, 2014, 12:18

 What a sorry lot!! I am sorry about how Stu has gone down the tubes as he used to be a good guy

One would think herrs barlee and hawker would make some effort to post something on their own board than spend time here. Wonder why ou hawker stops at having all these nicks he can open as many as he wants and they could appear to have a busy board - ditto wee barlee. hahahahaha
rooitwit while I agree tai pansy could well be sweet mary anne how about him being barlee? mary anne knew about Denny's email long before barlee saw fit to publish a decent private email on the kamp ss board.

Who do you suspect drivelling advocado is?

Jan 11, 2014, 12:21

 Mats is the guy hawker tried to pin the first hack of this site on. Mats had left kamp ss. her hawker has of course no proof but got in a froth when it was suggested to him it could have been a kamp ss person.

Jan 11, 2014, 13:13

 Rooies, you like to ask  for proof when someone makes allegations against you. Where are the proof for above mentioned allegations?

Jan 11, 2014, 13:45

Doring Draad

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    Posted 04 January 2014 - 09:44 PM

    Duke, on 04 Jan 2014 - 11:36 AM, said:

    Ha ha ...Taipansy ... Although that's ironic when it's coming out the mouth a dog treat

    It was old Rooinek, so a bit strange.

    THANX BOYS. GO WP!!!!!!



    Jan 11, 2014, 13:47




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    Posted 02 January 2014 - 01:00 PM

    He's trying to be the big hero. The saviour of the site.


    Domestic violence has reduced this pathetic little man to what we see today. 


    Any harsh word directed at him reduces the poor dear to tears. 


    He doesn't have the balls to face life itself let alone orchestrate a full on assault on a website. 


    Jan 11, 2014, 13:49

     There are a lot more of these kinds of posts. It's not only the moles that deride our site on SS. Chaps if you don't like it here, just leave. But don't be so cowardly as to run down posters from this site on SS, while posing as a legitimate participant over here. Choose one, choose both.....but if you want to be  trusted here, you can't be denigrating our posters behind their backs.

    Jan 11, 2014, 14:05

     How pathetic. Yet another thread about moles.

    Let me make two things very clear. I'm not "Stew" or "Stu".

    Most of the so-called moles on here are either Beeno or yourself (Rooinek), just trying to stir things up. Get a life!

    Jan 11, 2014, 14:18

     Moz, I'm confused, how did I run down posters from this site? I thought it strange that Rooinek used "Taipansy". That's Beeno's nic for him. I like to post here and there. Everything is taken way too serious on these sites. It's good for laughs but it seems that people are actually offended by some off the stuff. Can't understand that at all.

    Jan 11, 2014, 14:25

     Beeno: "Wonder why ou hawker stops at having all these nicks he can open as many as he wants and they could appear to have a busy board - ditto wee barlee. hahahahaha"

    And judging from the language, typos, sentence structure, etc... from about five of the "so-called" moles, this is exactly what you've been doing on this site...

    Jan 11, 2014, 14:42

    "I thought it strange that Rooinek used "Taipansy". That's Beeno's nic for him."

    Shows how much you know, Draadtrekker. If Baboon-ou also used the name "Taipansy" then he poached it from me . . . because I coined it. Way back.

    Jan 11, 2014, 14:46

     Well excuse me for being a Johny come lately... So you coined it ages ago. How much royalties do you earn for the use?

    Jan 11, 2014, 14:47

    Avatar GW Bush looking through capped (covered) field glasses for weapons of mass destruction, rather like mole spotting



    Jan 11, 2014, 14:54

    The untruth you have a mole like pong about you and rooinek has fingered you as stu so stu you probably are until we can say otherwise. How really absurd can you get - you will have do do much much better than that kamp ss mole. crying with laughter emoticonwhatever will these kamp ss moles say next, they just get more desaprate and pathetic as they go along crying with laughter emoticon

    Draad, rooinek is very sharp re these things and I would not bet on him being wrong although in cases like these complete proof is often not typically at hand until the mole breaks down completely and owns up like tai pansy has done - it all becomes too much for them to bear and the shame of being a kamp ss mole overwhelms them. They feel friendless and alone and mama sweet mary anne and mama hawker are not around to ban those mildly putting them right. Bwahahahahhahaha 

    ou hawker must be seething that these moles are not taking his advice and not posting here. However if arizonamildtwat is hawker that might explain why they dont heed his supposed call? Could we have the Unterscharfuhrer with us?

    Dr Moz a very cordial post and of course numerous examples like the one posted could have been posted.

    Peg to noses guys and dolls there are smelly kamp ss moles about. What a pong!

    Must say this latest offering by the untruth out there will take some beating. Hahhahahahahaha what low brow comedy they do provide!

    Jan 11, 2014, 14:57

     Saying something doesn't make it true, no matter how certain you are in your own head. The truth is more complicated- but much of it is discoverable if you pay close enough attention and don't get carried away by conspiracy theories for which there is little or no evidence.?

    Jan 11, 2014, 14:57

     So Beeno, now all of a sudden you rate Rooinek as being sharp. That's a first :)

    Jan 11, 2014, 15:13

     Beeno, contrary to what you and Rooinek may think or purport to be the truth, I do not post on here under any assumed name.  You may find that I am way to stupid to clone or cloak who I am.  Should I for some silly reason feel the need to join in the conversation here (not that it is much of a conversation) I shall do that as this user ID and no other.

    It may be a good idea to not only post (copy and paste) selective post from Kamp SS - there are other post which actually supports you guys but then again it may not suit the agenda.

    I posted, on here, just after new year and was quite sincere in what I said, go find that that post and read it once again.  Please feel free to go have a look and count the numerous times I have asked for posters to post as their known nick when posting here.  I can but only ask as I have no control over other people's actions.

    I think it is unfair for a poster to come here (or to go to Kamp SS) with a sole purpose of causing a disruption.  Quite frankly it is not such a bad place as you and others try to make it out to be.  There have been incidents and some are regrettable however I once again refer you to my post on here earlier this year.

    For my part I have said what I wanted to, however it seems as if some people cannot leave me, or Barlee for that matter, out of the speculative posts.  I really doubt if Barlee would be one of the spoofs you seem to have here, I for one do not have the wits or time to play this type of game.

    Admit One, who ever you are, I am quite capable of fighting my own battles, so thank you Sir but no thank you.

    As for the speculations, speculate all you like but please keep me out of it!  Should you find it necessary to speak to me, address me directly and some mole is sure to alert me at some stage.

    As for user names - How stupid?  Hawkeye is FalkeAuge just a different language and I am James Hunt so there too is no mystery even if one would dearly wish for one..Kamp SS has a facility where you can change the display name - without changing the user log or ID, but I suppose that fact is also not within the suited agenda so we bend the truth a bit so Kamp SS can look more menacing.. LOL

    Peace - Hawkeye - Out

    Jan 11, 2014, 15:22

    Hawkeye, take your peace offering and shove it up your arse, you lily-livered coward! Get back to Kamp SS where you can edit other people's posts. That is your style after all. Begone!

    Jan 11, 2014, 15:24

     Well put Hawk.

    Rooi, I ask again, where is the proof. I'm not asking for hard evidence, circumstantial will do.  Not even that, just a remote hunch will also suffice. Just give us a bit of motivation if you please.

    Jan 11, 2014, 15:27

     It makes me depressed at night knowing that this legend will die some day in my lifetime...?

    Jan 11, 2014, 15:30

    Draadtrekker, don't be an idiot. Please. Whatever "proof" I may have had of Hawkeye and Barlee's disgusting behaviour on Kamp SS can be deleted or edited by them, so what the heck is that worth to you, huh? 

    When I asked Hawkeye straight out (about 5 times if I recall) if he had edited my post (the post that had the words "edited by Hawkeye" at the bottom of it) he refused to answer and instead ran away like a big baby. Later on I asked Von Barlee to simply ask Hawkeye the same question . . . because he could have put the whole thing to rest . . . but he also refused and I'm sure everyone knows by now what happened when I made the mistake of sending Obergruppenfuhrer Von Barlee an e-mail with the screenshot of Hawkeye's cowardly and foul-mouthed edit.

    They should both shove off back to Kamp SS . . . and if you're going to stand here stamping your foot demanding that I treat these two vindictive and cowardly scumbags with any respect then you're probably better off joining them.

    Jan 11, 2014, 15:33

     Thank you Rooinek, you are such a kindred spirit.  Must say, that was a damn good ploy you pulled.  Changing your post and pinning the blame on me.  I really had o way of proving the contrary.  Well played old sport.

    I was not aware that you had any say as to who may post here and who not, so should I heed your stern warning?  LOL no I don't think so.  After all you are a very devious fiend with all sorts of contacts, like Mats so maybe I shall go anyway.

    Jan 11, 2014, 15:41

     Hawkers humility is very becoming?

    Jan 11, 2014, 15:44

    Rooi i would walk away slowly.

    Jan 11, 2014, 15:57

     you ouens still bumping your gums about " moles " .... hahaha...


    Jan 11, 2014, 16:00

    moles make this place busy..without moles it would be " the get along gang who dont really get along " , rooinek , Saffex and a few Kiwis.. actually ...they may be more kiwis than " genuine " south african posters


    anyone here any good at maths ??


    whats the total amount of posters that post here





    Jan 11, 2014, 16:09

     Rooi, now you call me an idiot for asking the same kind of question you like to demand from other users when they make unfounded accusations.  The way you left SS is not the issue here. I concur with your version of that events. That's how it looked to me as well. That is not the issue your OP raised here though. I was just wondering how you concluded which moles are which. If it was only a thumb-suck, say so, if not, elaborate on your reasoning....or not, have it your way. I demanded nothing, was just curious.

    Jan 11, 2014, 16:31

     PS, Rooi, is mole-spotting similar to train-spotting. I recall Ewan taking a deep dive into the toilet in that flick.

    Jan 11, 2014, 16:39

     U sound experienced!

    Jan 11, 2014, 16:52

     I live in Cape Town.  Lotsa moles here, yes.

    Jan 11, 2014, 16:56

     best city in the world, miss it so much, am homesick, but will be back next year?

    Jan 11, 2014, 19:25

    Thought Taipan is the most poisonous snake in the world...suits these damn bastards from SS Kamp. But an insult to this wonderful reptile to indentify with this low-life human trailer shit.


    The only guy who could handle the taipan was Steve Irwin (a great Ozzie, one of my heroes).






    Jan 11, 2014, 20:24

    Draadtrekker, before I even attempt to answer your question, please just clarify something for me . . . what would constitute "proof" for you? How do you expect me to prove that Taipansy is Mary-Ann, for example? What do you think I could possibly put up? A photograph of a sad, lifeless middle-aged loser caught typing in his user name on SA Rugby as "Mary-Ann"? Huh? Is that the kind of "proof" you're demanding?

    Seriously, use your imagination for a sec and give me an example or two of what would constitute "proof" as far as you're concerned. I promise I'll answer your question as honestly as I can if you give me some idea of what you're expecting or what you think I could possibly come up with.

    Jan 11, 2014, 20:25

     "There have been incidents and some are regrettable however I once again refer you to my post on here earlier this year".

    Well how about an apology for the incidents and you can be specific about the things you did.
    As it happens hawker you are looking looking a fraud. Appear here like an angel of light and behave on kamp ss in a completely different way. 

    I hope you have changed but honestly have my doubts.

    As for your wishes re the kamp ss moles posting here to cease their nonsense - please understand they dont respect you and feel safe incognito as that way the  can cock their snouts at you. Hahahahhahahaha But dont worry they will be bawling their eyes out in due course and come runing to mama sweet mary anne and mam hawker.

    Well done Draad for standing up for the truth re the alterations to rooinek's posts. 

    I think wee barlee and hawker should come here and apologise for everything. We could accept also their apology on behalf of the many not here. They can then tell us they are running their board as an open board with unbiased and moderate moderation. No more bowing to the poisonous snake wee tai pansy etc. That would help their cred and show a genuine change of heart. Until then its all window dressing and damage control.

    Yep tai pansy was coined by Rooinek. Could sweet mary anne be the pansy one wonders. Is rooinek correct or is it wee barlee. 

    Jan 11, 2014, 20:36

    Something that Mata Hari said on Kamp SS makes sense . . . I'm downgrading my suspicion that Obergruppenfuhrer Von Barlee is Admit One to just that, a suspicion. It could be someone just pretending to be sucking up to Hawkeye in such a servile and undignified fashion. Surely not even the fawning and arse-licking Barlee is such an obsequious gimp?

    I have little doubt that Stew is Truth_Fairy and I'm 100% sure Taipansy is Mary-Anne. Those are my two confirmed mole-spots . . . although I think I know what names Drivelling Avocado and ArizonaMildtwat use on Kamp SS as well.

    Jan 11, 2014, 21:05


    Some of you guys really need to get out more.
    For a bunch of adults to sit and ponder over who is a mole and who isnt, oh my...
    I am very pitiful.

    Anyway, cant wait for the season to start. I would much prefer to sit and chat about rugby rather.

    Jan 11, 2014, 21:21

     Rooinek these deceitful twits deleted a post of mine explaining if I was not allowed to defend myself on kamp ss I would do it on Keo. This same hawker displayed all my personal details on the site he did an investigation at my palce of work. The board was told i had left on my own accord when I had been banned.

    Hawker you are a bald faced liar. I see Draad saw things the same way as Rooinek.

    hawker you confused puppy you are only fooling yourself you are about as changed as a leopard who has forsaken its spots. 

    Dorkie dumbo you are a wimp and please remember that.  Remember how you burst into tears like rivers re the mandy incident. bwahahahahahhaha then had a meltdown when I was reinstated after being banned unjustly when you threw your toys out the kott. crying with laughter emoticon

    Listen oak your hotel business wasnt yours and your girlfriend booted you out. Your porn site on kamp ss was closed down as well. You are now helping in creating an unhealthy pong here and please remember the folk here are not used to kamp ss pong. What a stench these moles and wee dorkie dumbo are causing! Peg to noses guys. crying with laughter emoticon

    Rooinek, Mata is a great person and clearly is twigging on. Wont be suprised if she rocks up here in due course. They will be left only with the moles. Imagine that!
    Give us your suspicions Rooinek I may be able to confirm them.

    Jan 11, 2014, 21:32

     If its not the fault of Mats hacking this site it rooinek changeing his posts and making it appear that hawker had done it. Trouble is hawker you tried it on more than one person. You have blown it.

    You and barlee have never been on the side of truth it was protect yoursleves and yur few buddies. Like rooinek I asked that posts be brought up from the archives but you refused. 
    So best thing you can do is itemise in details all your many devious wrongs. Then list them here and apologise to all concerned. Ditto we barlee. If you come clean you will be forgiven and we wont have all this stuff raining its head.

    Jan 11, 2014, 22:00

    Chip-ou, if you don't like it then simply don't click on it.

    I can't believe you actually need someone to explain that to you . . . unless of course you didn't know what a thread titled "Mole-spotting" was going to be about, in which case you're a lot dumber than I thought you were.

    Jan 11, 2014, 22:04

    Baboon-ou, I'm not deliberately trying to hurt your feelings or anything but just because we both think the Kamp SS moderators are a pair of cowardly crybabies doesn't suddenly make us best pals. I still think you're one of the most naive and dull-witted people I've ever come across.

    Just thought I'd better clear that up.

    Jan 12, 2014, 00:38

    Same here. Just because I agree the moles are a pain, doesn't diminish your role as   a foul mouthed  bully and a liar.  Reading your discomfort with foul mouthed posters, is a classic case of kettle black.  Thanks for reminding us just what a miserable, self impressed human being you are.

    Jan 12, 2014, 00:59

    Just to add a little bit of rugby talk in here if I may..........what do you all think of my new avatar?  Now just to let you know she is someone I know...her famous daddy bears the name of my nephew and she is the next big thing in NZ Women's Rugby :) 

    Jan 12, 2014, 06:32

     rooitiwt dont be a bore, just focus on the issue. Lets have you suspicions. I think ou hawker has slunk off. No banning button no staying power. Heat too much for wee hawker.

    Cloudy that wahine looks like she could flatten manu nonu!

    Jan 12, 2014, 06:52

    Good old Cloudy, always acting like the peacemaker (your efforts to divert won't succeed because the type of pervert that comes from SS Kamp is devoid of any form of humanity).


    On Avatar, very nice and I'm sure the young lady rugby player is a future star, but as I said I much prefer pics of you so "Don't go changing". Bring back the Bond Girls with the smoking guns.

    Jan 12, 2014, 06:56

    Cloudy: how are things?

    We seem to have an off season sport in this forum, i.e. mole hunting, lol Hopefully Wardad will be back soon - moles beware, lol

    The new avatar is good Cloudy but there will only ever be one Cloudy ;)

    Jan 12, 2014, 07:25

    I am a wimp because I got angry because you said ..."I should have a wank when nelson mandela dies to get over the pain of the moment." 

    If that makes me a wimp .... So be it .

    I will proudly wear that badge if that's the case ... I wouldn't change my reaction. 

    It was a defining moment ... Even your buddy rallied for your banning over that event .

    Funny how things work out .

    Jan 12, 2014, 09:35

    Rooi, like I said before, no hard evidence is needed. You must clearly have a reason why you think which is which. It would be nice if you could elaborate. For instance, I think San-Tzu might be Alucard. They punt the same players (I can name them if needed) there are a few other similarities as well, but lets not get side tracked.  

    I am also curious as to the identities of the moles. They obviously read and side with the Ss site, so it seems absurd that they would not be posters over there.
    As for their reasons to do so under different nics, you and CC are better suited to vouch for that, as both of you joined this site under different nics. To your credit, you both uncovered your familiar nics after a bit of fun.

    Jan 12, 2014, 10:21

    Hey justwin how are you?  Yes we have run the whole gamut of emotions in here it really has been entertaining or not so much lol hope life is treating you well wherever you are....the young lady built like an amazon is none other than Portia Woodman one of the stars in NZ women's 7's last year.  Her father is the brother of Fred Woodman who played for the All Blacks and Nth Auckland.  Watch for her and Kayla McAlister ( Luke's sister) in the rugby this year.

    I know you love Cloudy with the guns, just thought a chick with thighs the size of Nonus ( haha beeno) might ground the guys and bring them back to what this forum is all about.....Angie and her guns are still around though, she's just having a much needed rest :)

    But it's a joy to watch her play, her dad and her uncle were real speedsters in their day and so is she, huge fan can't wait till she plays oh and that is an Auckland jersey:)

    Jan 12, 2014, 10:30

     thanks Cloudy.....and if she asks for my phone number it is ....;) (down Beanhead, down)

    Jan 12, 2014, 10:37

    Hehe hakwa she is awesome!  I have her dads number but I can't divulge but next time they're over for a mean boil ill invite you :D

    Jan 12, 2014, 10:38

    Kawhena and Fred Woodman two of Northlands best :) 

    Jan 12, 2014, 12:11

    Hacked Waaugh my good friend I realise in the case of Portia you are the better man and gracefully withdraw in your favour.:D  BUT please remember Katie is my girl. 

    Nice to have cordially sorted matters with hacked waaaugh.

    Dorkie you called me a wanker for weeks I then called you a wanker once and you broke down in tears and consequently I was banned. Only of course to be reinstated given how absurd the banning was. Of course the board was also told I had left of my own accord. Bwahahahahahaha! How poor can moderation get.

    However I am sure you just must have grown up a bit since then?
    Beeno always living in hope re the dork. I do trust you have also abandoned your cosmic raider suit dorkie?
    Look dorkie lets not get on a downward spiral oak. Lets try and keep it cordial. You are well aware I used to kick the rump of the attack pack with no difficulty at all day after day. So take this invitation to a cordial relation in the right way. Unfortunately the olive branch was not accepted on kamp ss recently but I do offer it to you personally.
    Go well.

    Jan 12, 2014, 13:35

    brother beeno hard at work,,,,


    Jan 12, 2014, 13:54

    Good one Sasuske San, lol 

    It looks like camp SS has a spy photographing the proceedings - did you notice the hand with the camera on the right hand side of the photo?

    Jan 12, 2014, 14:01

    @dr win,

    well spotted my good man, :o)

    i guess the proof is in the pudding now, we have actual evidence to back the claims of some here about the dastardly american like spying tactics from kamp SS.

    LMFAO, :D:silly::woot:

    Jan 12, 2014, 18:49

     Porky pies ... Beeno

    Jan 12, 2014, 18:52

    .... You are offering me an olive branch ??? Hmmmmm.....

    This needs digesting . 

    Jan 13, 2014, 04:52

    ....Bean Brain how's the witch hunt progressing?... sounds like you gotta yr own little soap opera going on here ...or is it a musical....sounds a bit like the Wind and the Willows...


    ...y'know Mole loses patience with spring cleaning his house so he flees his underground home, emerging to take in the air and ends up at the Ruckers forum...., the likes of which he had never seen before....


     Here he meets Ratty then there's Toad and Badger Blah blah


    They all get on the piss and snort some coke or something... can't remember how it ends but maybe they all live happily ever after ....



    ....and Bean Brain seeing yr always on the lookout for the Big Bad Wolf did you hear the one where Little Red Riding Hood was walking through the woods....



    ... when suddenly the Big Bad Wolf jumped out from behind a tree and, holding a sword to her throat, said, "Red, I'm going to screw your brains out!"
    To that, Little Red Riding Hood calmly reached into her picnic basket and  pulled out a .44 magnum and pointed it at him and said, "No, you're not.

    You're going to eat me, just like it says in the book."







    Jan 13, 2014, 04:53

    One can only laugh. 

    Jan 13, 2014, 08:01

    Rooinek and Beeno, why don't you 2 sodomites get together and stop trying your luck with us. We are not interested, it is flattering that you 2 have spent so much effort and months talking about us, but we are not interested in you 2. Please leave us alone...

    PS..Stop Emailing me Beeno

    Jan 13, 2014, 08:10

     We enjoy it, you took the time to look it up. What's your excuse?

    Jan 13, 2014, 08:53

    Obergruppenfuhrer Von Barlee, I seem to recall that you were told in no uncertain terms to shove off and to stay the heck off this message board. Now shove off. Nobody here wants to listen to your pathetic squealing for attention so if you want to have a snivel about anything, go and do it on your crappy Kamp SS board.

    Clear enough for you? Good . . . now get lost!

    Jan 13, 2014, 09:20

    Draadtrekker, I know it's not conclusive proof or anything, but please note how many visits we've had from the mole called "Mary-Anne" since he (she?) was exposed as being Taipansy. Also, the "Mary-Anne" mole attacked both Dense and Moffie with allegations that only Taipansy and maybe a few others ever talked about on the old Supersport board.

    I very much doubt if Obergruppenfuhrer Von Barlee will deny that he is the mole "Super" . . . just ask him.

    The mole who calls himself "The_Truth" has a few punctuation and grammar idiosyncrasies. When I looked on Kamp SS, I immediately saw on the first three postings that I saw from Stu that he has these exact same idiosyncrasies and I couldn't find anyone else with the same. I could say specifically what these little give-aways are except Stu would probably run off and quickly edit his posts.

    Those are my reasons. I never said it was an accurate and comprehensive list of the moles, I said it was "my" list and those are my suspicions.

    Jan 13, 2014, 09:29


    Jan 13, 2014, 09:29

     Paranoid personality disorder (PPD) is a mental disorder characterized by paranoia and a pervasive, long-standing suspiciousness and generalized mistrust of others. Individuals with this personality disorder may be hypersensitive, easily feel slighted, and habitually relate to the world by vigilant scanning of the environment for clues or suggestions that may validate their fears or biases. Paranoid individuals are eager observers. They think they are in danger and look for signs and threats of that danger, potentially not appreciating other evidence.[1]

    They tend to be guarded and suspicious and have quite constricted emotional lives. Their reduced capacity for meaningful emotional involvement and the general pattern of isolated withdrawal often lend a quality of schizoid isolation to their life experience.[2][verification needed] People with this particular disorder may or may not have a tendency to bear grudges, suspiciousness, tendency to interpret others' actions as hostile, persistent tendency to self-reference, or a tenacious sense of personal right.[

    Jan 13, 2014, 09:35

     Thanks Rooi, that was the "Proof" I had in mind.

    Jan 13, 2014, 09:50

    super = Barlee...nothing escapes you.
    With your level of intelligence I can see a long career for you in the SAPS or as Beeno's lap dog

    Jan 13, 2014, 09:55

    Have No Fear Dumbledore (Rooi/Jalapeno) is here!

    Jan 13, 2014, 09:56

     The Faggot has a day off

    Jan 13, 2014, 11:02

    Ag puuuullllleeeeeze man


    Ignore Rooitwat peeps


    It only took two posts recently to make him look like the liar he professes never to be


    Too easy I tell ya, toooo easy


    Hey Rooi, good buddy, good pal


    It's been lekker fun

    Jan 13, 2014, 12:25


    And just like that (clicks fingers), literally within a few minutes of Obergruppenfuhrer Von Super Barlee having his fat miserable arse kicked for him, the Kamp SS "Gossip Girls" forum is back to being members only . . . and so the little dears can squeak and squawk about this board to their hearts content with impunity . . . while sneaking over here as moles to have a little stir and report back to their Gossip Girl chums.

    "Ja, ve haff vays und means off controlling ze free speech!"


    It's hilarious. Maybe we should rename Obergruppenfuhrer Von Super Barlee "Rooinek's little puppet" . . . because I do seem to be able to make the sulky tantrum-thrower dance at my bidding!

    Poor old blubbering Hawkeye must be happy at last! The cowardly old codger actually went to the lengths of editing my post count so I couldn't confront him or read their little inner-circle forum a few months ago and he must have been horrified when Obergruppenfuhrer Von Super Barlee opened it up in a vain attempt to attract more members . . . but the heavily moderated and censored environment that Unterscharfuhrer Hawkeye craves has now been restored again!

    Jan 13, 2014, 12:45

    Rooi that poor site must be well and truly dead these days as we seem to have an influx of Kamp SS on here.......hell Duke announced he was not going to post much on here, but I see he is on here all the time.......much like miserable Vlag.

    I like it good to see him lurking.

    I doubt Stu is on here......he is too nice to stir

    Jan 13, 2014, 12:55

    They have made the gossip column private....hahahahahahahahaha. C'mon Draad, Blob etc  how can you possibly post on that laughable forum. Tone at the top is about equivalent to the old South African censors. You younger chaps wont know about those days. But back in the 60/70s the biggest laughs in the movie theatres used to occur when the censors, who never saw a boob that didn't shock them, missed a sexual innuendo. Mostly because they were out of touch. These guys would have been right at home on the Censor Board.

    Jan 13, 2014, 13:01

    Saffex, I've heard from quite a few ex-Kamp SS posters that Stu was a nice enough chap. Can't say that I interacted with him much for the time I posted on there but he's become an obsessive attention-seeker in recent times.

    Up until a few minutes ago I could have pointed you to the Gossip Girls forum to go see for yourself what Stu was yapping on about these days, but Obergruppenfuhrer Von Super Barlee has once again stifled any potential infiltration of Kamp SS and they have closed ranks again. We're not dealing with the most open-minded and liberal people here, I can tell you.

    Anyway, if you were able to look on there, you'd see that at any given time, a post of Stu's goes something like this . . .

    "Hey guys, I was at again and this is what they're saying . . . blah blah blah . . . boy, they're really obsessed with us! And that's not all they said . . . they said . . . blah blah blah . . . I mean, how obsessed are these guys, always talking about us. Last time I was reading they said . . . blah blah blah . . . and then I was there on again and they said . . . blah blah blah . . . see how obsessed they are with us? One of them even mentioned Kamp SS . . . talk about being obsessed. I log on to hundreds of times a day to read what they're saying and how obsessed they are with us . . . I'm there now, do you want to know what they're saying?"

    All jokes aside, that's exactly what Stu sounds like these days.

    Dork's okay. At least he's not creeping on here as a mole.

    Jan 13, 2014, 13:02

    Seems no lessons have been learnt on good old SS. I still can't believe they had the audacity to moderate my posts........who the f did they think they headmaster?

    Jan 13, 2014, 13:10

     True. SS should come take a leaf from the SARugby site where there is no moderation ever. Oh wait.......................

    Jan 13, 2014, 13:25

    Yeah, no moderation here, not even once, or twice, or three times.


    Just like Rooitwat never lies, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


    Hey Rooi, good buddy, good pal, jou lekker ding !!!!


    No responses regarding your lying I see


    You were soooo easy to set up and pick apart, far far far too easy might I add.


    I'm still laughing it was that simple




    I always said you were good for a laugh

    Jan 13, 2014, 13:30

    Well Rooi, I guess with so little traffic on that site, they have time on their hands to lurk and then gossip

    Jan 13, 2014, 13:41

    Drivelling Avocado, I have no idea what you're babbling about and, to be perfectly frank, I don't really care either but you could do everyone a favour and edit your post above because the rather forced and affected "laugh" is so long that it's screwing up the margins for everyone else.

    Just delete a chunk of the "hahahahaha" bit . . . I don't think you'll be losing too much context . . . unless you honestly think people might think that the longer your laugh the funnier you are.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    Jan 13, 2014, 13:51

    Call me what ever you like knob, at the end of the day I own a forum and you own fokol.

    Jan 13, 2014, 13:55

    "Call me what ever you like knob, at the end of the day I own a forum and you own fokol."

    Well then smartypants, if you own a rugby forum, why don't you post on there? Why are you posting on this one?

    It's a sincere question.

    Jan 13, 2014, 13:59

    The only reason why you can "yap" on all these boards is we "Board Owners" allow you the privilege. So maybe show some manners to your superiors.

    Jan 13, 2014, 14:03

    Just answer the question, clever-clogs. I believe it's a fair one and I'll ask it again . . . if you're so pleased with yourself for "owning a forum" then why are you posting on this one? What's wrong with your one and why aren't you posting there?

    Hmmmm? Go on, be a big brave chap for once and at least attempt an answer . . . even if we all know that the real answer is a bit embarrassing for you.

    Jan 13, 2014, 14:04

     Barlee, you left Wales yet........when are you off to SA?

    Jan 13, 2014, 14:31

    Stop snooping on my forum and stop talking about me you little girl, stop this child like behaviour then maybe things will stop. It is terribly sad that a grown man like I assume you are needs to continue this on going feud. Grow up and put an end to it and please stop using my name in this place, This will be my 7th post here and it will be my last.

    I came here to tell Beeno to stop emailing me and now I am asking whoever is responsible to leave me alone.

    Jan 13, 2014, 15:39

    "We Board owners" .....well there you have the whole problem in a nutshell. What's it worth Barlee ....ten thousand pounds.....nah, probably a bit less, if one could find a buyer. But given other sites have been shedding these's probably worth nothing. 

    Jan 13, 2014, 19:07

     Saffex ... Mate , I can assure u ... That my appearances here are short lived ...I don't like the moth ball smell that perpetuates the place because some of the stale crusts that have made it their fiefdom excluded mate .  Haha.

    It's just interesting to see how fucked up things are .

    Especially when you guys have beeno calling the shots here ... Hahahahahaha 

    And I see moderation is alive and well and bannings have also occurred here. what exactly makes things different boet ? 

    Just seems like it's other faces setting the parameters .

    Hope you and the family are well. Catch you on the flip side mate 

    Jan 13, 2014, 19:57

    "Stop snooping on my forum . . ."

    "Snooping"? I'm a registered member on your forum, chump and the last thing you said on Kamp SS regarding me was that I was unbanned . . . so what is this "snooping" you refer to, you disgusting liar? 

    " . . . and stop talking about me you little girl, stop this child like behaviour then maybe things will stop."

    What "things" will stop? I'm quite happy with the way things are going . . . you being exposed as a spiteful, lifeless and vengeful little child.

    "It is terribly sad that a grown man like I assume you are needs to continue this on going feud."

    A "feud" you say? Tell me, Obergruppenfuhrer Von Super Barlee, tell me a single thing I've done or said that equates to your vindictive act of posting my name on your forum after you asked me to send you e-mail proof of Untersharfuhrer Hawkeye's edit? A "feud" implies a certain level of give and take. What did I do to you that equates to your disgraceful and cowardly behaviour? Please be specific now. 

    "Grow up and put an end to it and please stop using my name in this place . . ."

    I'll gladly stop using your worthless name . . . just stop visiting here. Nobody here gives a flying fig-leaf about you or your crappy board so just take your little moles and piss off and there will be no further talk of any of you.

    "This will be my 7th post here and it will be my last."

    We can but hope!

    I came here to tell Beeno to stop emailing me and now I am asking whoever is responsible to leave me alone.

    Don't talk to me about e-mails, you pathetic coward. You're the one who jumped to all sorts of paranoid conclusions because you were not man enough to reply to my e-mail but chose to send some arrogant and obnoxious e-mail to an address that I hardly ever look at. If Baboon-ou wants to send you an e-mail to tell you what a cowardly and weak loser you are, he has my blessing. I agree with him 100%.

    Now for the third time, shove off back to Kamp SS and stay there, you attention-seeking and unpleasant little man. Begone!

    Jan 13, 2014, 21:20

    Duke if you can't figure out the difference between banning posters who engaged in hate speech and leaking confidential information, and banning posters whose style you dont are even dumber than I thought.

    Jan 13, 2014, 22:15

    Here's a thought from the dumb one... Did you get all uppity ( as you do ) when Denny called for beenos banning ? 

    Or is this not a comfortable topic for you ?

    Because it's there in black and white ... But alas your super selective.

    Who is the dumb one now ?  

    Jan 13, 2014, 22:17

     And how much of Saffexs personal stuff have you pasted on forums in the past ...

    But hey what do I know ...I'm dumb ! 

    Ps...didn't you actually leave ...

    I'm sure I can find the great parting speech for you ... Just to jog the memory .

    Jan 13, 2014, 22:25

     A lot of you need to get laid way more...

    Jan 13, 2014, 22:30

     denny, on 24 Mar 2011 - 11:20 AM, said:

    Ja Mate, Seems like the poor bastard has truly lost it,however, although I agree with his banning and have always rejected his comments I concur with him as far as the tendency towards being kragdadig. :3_8_14:

    Jan 13, 2014, 22:30

    Actually I have pasted nothing of Saffex's personal The reference I jokingly made was completely opaque to anybody except Dave. As for Beeno's banning, I have no idea what you are talking about.



    Why are you lingering here....when your master has left the field?

    Jan 13, 2014, 22:30

    Canrugby of the day

    Jan 13, 2014, 22:33

    Okay so I see a posting denny made in what? 

    Jan 13, 2014, 22:46

    It's about supporting the banning of a person... Correct me if I'm wrong , but your making a big deal about moderation and bannings .. And the "Kamp" ...but if it involves people you consider close switch to mute. It's just a tad hypocritical ... Merely an observation though... I mean I'm sure you were dead against it and wrapped Denny over the knuckles for it , I mean it was the reason you left the board after all ... The strict moderation , that was held in place by the support of those you consider part of your inner circle.

    But hey..I'm dumb ... So what do I know .

    Moz ...I'm sure the more we debate this ..I'm almost certain you will resort to trying to bash me or my persona because I'm not saying the things that suit you. That's what you do... Call me dumb... Slate me ...but it doesn't detract from the truth .

    Another thing... When you do , because you will...just remember I'm not masking it personal or swearing . In fact I'm as calm as can be ...

    Jan 14, 2014, 00:02

    I'm still not sure what you are trying to say.... I should have called for Beeno to be banned. Why? I have never called for bannings. Not for Dave when we had our blow up...not for Rooinek. I have on occasion asked for a posting which crossed the line to be removed.....but publically, not surreptitiously. What happened here was necessary if the site hopes to have any commercial revenue.....but unlike SS it was issue based, not personal.

    Jan 14, 2014, 06:24

     I see so much hate my brothers how do you live with yourselfs.

    Canrugby the message is crude but I think you may be rite.

    Jan 14, 2014, 06:44

    Rooinek conveniently does not know what I am talking about.


    What a spineless, gutless individual you are


    You get pushed into a dark corner and you no longer respond to the facts, and when you do, it's these imature one liners or some pavement special comeback where you refuse to grasp the facts laid out in front of you.


    You were caught out for the liar you are, simple


    Whose the chump now Rooi?, as I see that is one of your favourite words





    Jan 14, 2014, 07:51

    No one seems to have noticed but Beeno has been underground these days - moles beware he is on to you, lol

    Jan 14, 2014, 08:19

    Drivelling Avocado, either put up or shut up because your plaintive and repetitive whining is just becoming tedious now.

    I have no idea what you're banging on about and it really doesn't help if all you can do is the equivalent of sticking out your tongue and saying "nyah nyah nyah" over and over again like a pathetic little baby.

    If you've got something to say to me then for goodness sake man up and say it . . . otherwise shove off back to Kamp SS. There's a good little mole . . .

    Jan 14, 2014, 08:43

    Lol, Oh Rooi, we used to have some good times hey !!.


    Never figured you to be so hollow and yellow, but people change, I can accept that


    Amazing how many "Moles" we have on here.  Everything so far that I have spoken about regarding posters, I have got off this very website, some people are just too dumb to realise how much information they have given away on here over the last year or two.


    But I can live with it


    Miss you Rooi !!, well the old Rooi, not this yellow bellied one


    Jan 14, 2014, 08:57

    Well, Drivelling Avocado, I certainly won't miss someone who claims he knows me but is too cowardly to say what name he used to use, but you can still do everyone a favour and edit your January 13, 2014, 13:25:10 post and take out a few of those "hahahas" of yours so that the margins are restored. I don't believe that's asking too much  . . . just common courtesy really. Think of it as a parting gift to us.

    Jan 14, 2014, 09:18

     Ah well, Devil's Advocate, it appears they same thing happened to you then. This is how I was supposedly exposed as a "mole".

    Saffex was cursing like a sailor, as usual and I commented on his vocabulary and his lack of an education...

    Saffex: "I studied law!"
    Me: "Well, then you have poor vocabulary for a lawyer."
    Saffex: "No-one said I was a lawyer. How do you know I'm a lawyer? You must be a mole!"

    The question is... Did he then study law to become a nurse? Everyone able to think for themselves and make straightforward deductions are branded as a mole. Especially when you dare to disagree with the chosen few.

    What is also quite clear, is the fact that the "mole" activity, especially the more aggressive type, appears to be non existent when a few of the "regulars" aren't very active...

    Jan 14, 2014, 09:33

    Uh-oh, this was bound to happen . . . okay then . . . Mole #1, meet Mole #2. You guys probably know one another quite well, just not under these names. Have fun! Maybe you can go swap notes on Kamp SS and work out who the other one is?


    Jan 14, 2014, 10:00

    Very true there, The Truth


    When you get to know Rooinek, seldom (and I mean this sincerely), will you get to know a more yellow bellied, vulgar spewing, obnoxious, egotistical maniac on a forum.


    He trips over his massive ego all the time, as well as his lower lip now and again, when he gets backed into a corner, which is quite often, as he gets lost in all the lies he has previously let out. 


    You would swear he owns the entire cyberworld, such is his self importance.


    Other than that, not a bad chump

    Jan 14, 2014, 11:42

     The Legendary Hawkeye is here? Great to finally meet him. Hawkeye, News of your immense powers precede you :).

    Jan 15, 2014, 06:25

    Sorry guys, this will be my final post, since Bob asked so nicely that I come here and tell you to your face, whatever that means on the net.

    Rooinek you are a cunt
    Beeno you are a cunt
    Denny guess what, so are you

    Now fuck off, there you happy Bob


    Jan 15, 2014, 06:46

    "This will be my 7th post here and it will be my last."

    A man of real conviction I see.

    How many more of these pathetic little cries for attention are we going to see until this sad and lifeless loser finally twigs that he's not that important or significant on this message board?

    Jan 15, 2014, 07:18

    This, coming from a yellow bellied coward who has never had any friends, on any forum he has ever been on, ever


    One just has to look how Rooinek is treated on this forum alone, to see the high esteem that he is held in.


    LMFAO !!!!


    What a chump

    Jan 15, 2014, 07:31

    When Rooinek is posting about rugby there's not many on this board that know more about the game, and for that reason I think Rooinek has the respect of most of the posters here.

    Jan 15, 2014, 08:09

    Yep, their responses to his posts are always drafted in the most respectful way


    Jan 15, 2014, 08:13


    Jan 15, 2014, 08:19

    This is rich! Here we have Drivelling Avocado, the yapping little mole who says he knows me but is too gutless to tell me his real identity . . . and who can't even do the other board members the simple courtesy of editing his post that is causing the margins to screw up . . . jumping up and down like an angry little doggie yapping away about respect.

    I mean really, does this sad and lifeless loser honestly not see the irony?

    Jan 15, 2014, 10:00

    Hahaha Rooi


    Yes, you have clearly earned the respect of your fellow posters here.  We can all see it daily.


    You are constantly insulted by most posters, wherever you decide, or have decided before to post your dribble.


    You get exposed as a bare faced liar, within two posts of each other.


    I dont think there is any single poster I know, who is more disliked than you, over so many different forums, so sad, lifeless and loser do come to mind when your name pops up.


    Yes, the irony is incredible, you are correct.


    So what now, CHUMP !!




    Jan 15, 2014, 10:08

    Uh-oh, I'm starting to get the distinct impression that Drivelling Avocado doesn't like me very much!


    What's the matter, little chap, did that naughty old Rooinek kick your weak little arse around some other message board so badly that you're reduced to yapping away at him anonymously? Ag shame, you poor little dear. Why don't you run back to Mummy, I'm sure she'll make it all better! There, there, dry your little eyes . . .

    Jan 15, 2014, 10:16



    Oh Rooi, Good Buddy, Good Pal


    Do yourself a favour, see who keeps mentioning who on here.


    I respond because you bring my name into threads, everytime, go check


    Care to prove me wrong?


    It seems you obviously can't get enough of me


    LMAO !!!!, talk about yapping the whole time, it's you doing all the yapping little boy

    Jan 15, 2014, 10:32

    I can't get enough of you? Hmmm . . . does that explain why you came snivelling to me asking me what board I post on these days? Huh Klown?


    Busted! And I bet you don't even know what gave you away!

    Jan 15, 2014, 10:50



    I don't exactly remember the exact circumstances surrounding my above which you've copied and pasted and at this point in time I don't really care. There were plenty of my posts in which I  objected to Beeno's banning and like you I am pasting them for the benefit of a more complete picture of where I stood on the matter. I'm not denying anything, I'm just providing supporting evidence of me rejecting Beeno's banning.


    Also want to say that I will not be dragged into a debate on the matter You and I have a long time ago gone our separate ways so I have nothing to say to you. Yes we were good mates but as I say that stopped ages ago. It could have been different but thems the breaks.


    So here goes in response to your above post about me wanting Beeno banned....


    • #19 Stu


      STUPENDOUS !!!!

    • 17996 posts
    • LocationUmhlanga

    Posted 08 March 2011 - 09:10 PM

    And you want this twat back.....he's getting his arse kicked on Keo. Fuck him...forget it and move on

    166. Beeno(Beeno) :
    8 Mar 2011, 14:10 pm
    Here I am dawn as good looking as always.
    Need to fire off another slavo at the twits running suppersupporter. For some weird reason i can read my posts on that website and now need to prick a few bubbles
    Please note nobody is forcing you to read this post so if it is of no interest to you move on.
    Reading the posts on my banning I am pleased to see that folk have queried the fact that due process was not followed and that lawlessness reigns on the supersupporter board.
    It is also becoming clear that this is barlee board. Barlee you should really tell that dumbo hawkeye to shut his silly trap. I mean telling everyone this board is barlees home gives the game away entirely. How do you hope to won the argument with an oaf like hawkeye fouling things up. You muzzled the dork as he was a serious liability in getting rid of me so do likewise with your lackey hork.
    Thanks to all the following for the stand they have made re this banning.: Mozart, Denny, Alucard, Bob Bok, Rooinek, Saffex et al. Gives the lie t o the point made by the poster supersupporter who posted on Keo that there has been unanimous agreement re the life banning given. There is considerable disagreement in fact.


    and heres another





    I know all about Beeno, I've shared quite a few MB's with him, he is some bloody pain in the ass but I also recognize that even though he and I were never friends, Beeno always came to my assistance when he felt I was hard done by...other than Mozart no-one else did, so yes, I can see some good in his many shortcomings.

    I ask you to re-consider and that would be based on a full apology and retraction from Beeno on the MB for all to see.

    If you don't mind, I've had my say and I'd like to put this matter to rest.


    End of.


    Subject matter closed.








    Jan 15, 2014, 11:03

     Clean Cut/ Devils Advocate


    I wouldn't be talking about who's not being held in high esteem.....that would be rich coming from you.


    I mean, seriously, you decieve by posting under a false nick and you still believe you'd be held in high esteem?


    Yeah right!

    Jan 15, 2014, 11:06

    Hey Rooi, Good Buddy, Good Pal


    You, yes you, are the one who keeps mentioning me on here day after day after day.


    Even when I have not been around for a while, so you clearly miss me, the proof is right here.


    I have no idea what you are talking about, please, by all means, show me where I asked you where you are posting these days

    Jan 15, 2014, 11:12



    You people are waaay to fixated on "Moles"


    I will reiterate what I said a few times earlier, everything I have spoken about on here, about any poster, is from information that I have read on here,, and nowhere else.


    The history of all the posters here, has been divulged on here over the last year or two at some point during arguments or discussions.


    Say what you want, call me what you want, I couldn't care less, some people are just too incredibly stupid to realise that they give away away far too much information about their past postings / forums on here, as well as all their other personal crap.



    Jan 15, 2014, 11:21


    "I will reiterate what I said a few times earlier, everything I have spoken about on here, about any poster, is from information that I have read on here,, and nowhere else."



    So answer me this....see the parts in bold? would you know if you only quote from this site?



    "I dont think there is any single poster I know, who is more disliked than you, over so many different forums, so sad, lifeless and loser do come to mind when your name pops up."



    and again



    "This, coming from a yellow bellied coward who has never had any friends, on any forum he has ever been on, ever"



    And OBTW....not so long ago you made mention of my political past which was mentioned a long time ago on a different forum.



    And you say you only quote from this forum......naaaah I don't believe you.



    Jan 15, 2014, 11:25

    Wehe, well spotted Denny! Let's hear the sad loser talk his way out of this one!

    Jan 15, 2014, 11:34


    Jan 15, 2014, 11:47



    I have never once, mentioned your previous political past, I know others have on here a few times, you have been accused of a few things that you said elsewhere or on other forums, so don't confuse the issue.  That is fact.


    By all means, show me when and if I have, because you won't.


    Rooi, still waiting for you to show where I asked you where you have been posting before, still waiting for the proof?


    Saffex, Moz and quite a few others have given Rooi's entire posting history on here before, during heated arguments, hence I know of his past, as I know of Saffex and Moz and Beeno and Mike's past etc etc


    Wake up children, don't ever think it goes away because it happened ages ago 



    Jan 15, 2014, 11:53

    Examples dear children, look at the dates



    Status:Rugby Legend
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    RE: Beeno for the record
    February 07, 2013, 02:12:25

    Well de Fattus I wasn't really worried about the relative values, I know the answer there. And as you say who cares.

    But the point here is, you make a great fuss about me posting a picture of my pad....which I did after a long period of heehaw stuff from your mate. I didn't say it was valuable, I didn't tell you who the architect was, how many requests for tours we get from charities, how many acres of prime Lake Michigam property it encompasses. Nope I just posted the picture and let that do the talking.

    You on the other hand have talked about your place being a special place, a grade 2 property, a gold mine, land developers desperately wanting being more valuable than any of my humble abodes. Who is the ugly property holder here.....funny but to me it seems like you are the braggart..


    Status:Rugby Legend
    Posts: 3329

    RE: Anatomy of a Braggart.....refreshed
    February 14, 2013, 11:31:14

    Moffie you know stuff all about Council Tax, the band has stuff all to do with property value and everything to do with the area you live in.

    If I happened to live in a street and my house was a bungalow and next door was a mansion, we would pay the same council tax.

    You profess to know so much but yet know stuff all, much like your pathetic take on 'provincial'

    Moffie even if I had a value on my property which as I said is only a phone call away, I would not be pathetic enough to divulge it to you. That is a matter of principle, its just not done. I dont operate in your kind of pathetic chest beating, my dick is bigger than yours circle.

    You insulted me by saying I lived in a shack, I responded by telling you a little more about the reality of my property without being pathetic enough to give figures or release photos and thats the way it is going to stay.

    You are such a sad, desperate man, do you think I would ever trust anything of mine in your possession - hell you have slapped personal e-mails of mine to you on this site and you expect me to divulge my property details to a scumbucket like you?

    Get this into your stupid head, in my opinion my property is worth more than yours, whether it is or not, who cares and what you think of that could not bother me less.

    Get a life and wake up to the real world



    Status: Bok regular
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    RE: I am being moderated
    July 11, 2013, 22:13:28

    ...and the infatuation with cocks on the part of Rooinek continues. Im smallcock, Blue bok is bluecock..What next?? Safcock?? Mozcock.?? Beencock!! Why dont you just change your name to inlovewithcock.

    50 year old Rooinek sees his dad in the shower!!

    Rooi: "Daddy, daddy!! Whats that hanging there?"

    Hillbilly dad: "Well son, thats Daddys cock!"

    Rooi: "My, my daddy, when will I get a cock like that?"

    Hillbilly dad: "In about 5 mins when your mom goes to the shop son!"


    Status:Rugby Legend
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    RE: I feel symphathy for the moderator on this site.
    June 20, 2013, 16:38:41

    This is the best chat site for Bok rugby raised from the dead. The moderators on this site have not become tin pot gods, trying to impose a code of conduct. As a result things blow up and then they blow over.....we are entertained, which is the only purpose of coming here.

    My own rules eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth ( yes mine are still in situ) insulting of posters' religion or political posting about family.....a friendly hand to new posters.

    You are too stupid to understand how easy it is to read up on the past, and yes, I have others,


    Google does wonders



    Jan 15, 2014, 11:57

     "I have never once, mentioned your previous political past,.."



    Good try.



    You actually said that I'd previously mentioned it after I stated that I did not wish it be discussed on an open forum.


    Mate, you're not the squeaky clean, my shit don't stink that you think you are, you have an agenda and it's got sweet nothing to do with debating rugby or cricket.

    Jan 15, 2014, 12:00

    No more silence from me Denny, just give a me a chance to at least respond, before you assume I am hiding, lol.


    There is a shit load of information out there on all the posters here and other forums. 


    Besides what I have seen and read on here myself over the last year or two, it is incredibly easy to go back and look at some past fireworks that have occurred on here between posters.


    Children, grow up


    Don't be so naive. 

    Jan 15, 2014, 12:04

    You are getting just like your buddy Rooi


    You cannot prove shit


    You put up facts but fail to back it up with anything at all


    I had no issue with you before Denny, I don't talk to you, but since you are trying to cause an issue between us, clearly you are just as yellow as Rooi is.


    Pity you got involved to begin with, you seemed like a decent chap

    Jan 15, 2014, 12:43

    My turn now





    Jan 15, 2014, 15:20

    "When Rooinek is posting about rugby there's not many on this board that know more about the game, and for that reason I think Rooinek has the respect of most of the posters here."

    i couldnt agree more, :o)

    special mention must also be made for rooys mole bashing skills, even brother beeno is abig fan, lolz, :oP

    Jan 15, 2014, 16:11

     hey guys.

    shall we draw a line in the sand here , face it , this dog fight could carry on for a long long time, and im sure more people will get sucked into the vacuum and get pulled apart along the way. these things have an art or should I say a method which some turn into an art of damaging others .

    you guys have a good thing going here ... good for you , and over the other side in Super supporter theres good vibes amongst most.

    I don't know what we are going to achieve by taking pot shots.

    somethings need getting when Beeno said I should / would have a wank to get over the pain I feel when mandela died... it was pretty horrendous and many called for his head including some here...but things moved on and when the great man died..i didn't take his advice.. I remembered the moment , but reality kicked in and it become so unimportant in the grand scheme of things. it was just another stupid comment which at the time I attached every anger to my bad for allowing to be trolled by the man..a man who after all is 20 years my senior and should have known better shame on him as well.

    but the lesson is... he don't matter for shit. he is just another online personality

    and that's the main issue personalities

    we are all playing roles on the web..and are saying things because we know there can be no repercussion. safety in anonymity.

    so...are we really going to achieve anything here...apart from from getting a big ego that only holds water on the screen of an 18inch or so monitor.

    beyond it we wouldn't behave like this.

    trust me..beyond the confines of a msg board beeno would never have said those things to me...and I would never have said the the things I said... because I would have been so busy slapping him around the chops.


    you get my drift folks


    Jan 15, 2014, 18:19

    What happened Dook, have a good dump today? 

    Jan 15, 2014, 21:10

     Hey Duke are you coming to watch the Sharks in a few weeks against Sarries?

    Jan 15, 2014, 22:39

    Wish I could , got too much on my plate at the moment ... Shall I post down my life size card board cut out ? . 

    Fact is work has me by the short and curlies , need to graft and I have other shit on.

    Tragic ....but hope to be down that side soon enough.

    Jan 15, 2014, 22:44

     I think I am going to go

    Jan 15, 2014, 22:49

    Will be a good day out for my big call ...esterhuizen ..future bok. 

    Jan 15, 2014, 23:11

     Yep he looks a great prospect as does his centre partner Tyler Fisher

    Jan 16, 2014, 11:13

    Rooi Rooi Rooi your boat, gently down the stream..........


    That seems to be what's happened here, Rooinek dissapearing into the distance LMAO !!


    Come on CHUMP !!, man up.


    Even Denny has gone quiet, don't want to carry on Denny?


    Still waiting for all your proof to your silly and outlandish accusations Rooi buddy, asseblief, oblige me here.


    Don't respond with, "Well if you do this, I will do this"  You made the claims, how about some proof for a change for the people?


    I understand you are in a corner now, but you should be used to tight spaces, given that you are forced to sleep in the kennel every night. 

    Jan 16, 2014, 11:15


    Moles and anti-moles unite and weep :P

    Jan 16, 2014, 13:25

    Drivelling Avocado, you are becoming a tedious bore.

    I've asked you to identify yourself . . . given that you take so much pleasure in reminding me that we've interacted before . . . and then I asked you to specify these supposed lies that I told, and on both occasions, you were too cowardly to reply . . . but here you are, stamping your foot in self-righteous indignation because I'm not replying to one of your pathetic whines.

    Okay, if it will shut you up, I though for a while that you might be a poster called Clean Cut, (aka Ku Klux Klown, aka Klown) because, like Klown, it's obvious that you think you're some kind of internet hard-man and you're both complete arseholes with almost no apparent redeeming features . . . so that is why I suggested I had pointed you to this message board, because I was the one who made the mistake of pointing Klown here as well. I now realize you're not Klown . . . because you seem to be an even bigger arsehole than he was . . . something I wouldn't have thought possible.

    Okay, little chap? Have I answered your question? Yes? Well then be a big boy and answer my questions which I've been asking a lot longer than you . . . under what name did I know you before (on the Supersport or any other boards) and what are these lies of mine that you keep banging on about?

    Jan 16, 2014, 13:57

    Rooi Rooi Rooi your boat, gently down the stream


    Merrily merrily merrily....... blah blah blah blah blah


    I see no apology above in your post,


    All I see is just a smidgen of "Actually I made a complete doos of myself by accusing this poster of something, along with Denny, when in actual fact, it seems I got it completely all wrong, but I will just diplomatically try and slink away without saying sorry, but just say that I got it slightly wrong in the end, is all".


    LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


    What a CHUMP !!!!

    What a KLOWN !!!!

    Jan 16, 2014, 14:16

    Drivelling Avocado, you are only the second person to crack my ignore list. You are simply too childish to try and interact with. Bye!

    Jan 16, 2014, 14:29

     Rooi Pinnocchio you attention seeking asswipe.  Not so clever after all? Give it a rest you are just making a fool of yourself.  See when your friend Beano is gone, so are most of your self created moles.

    What a dumb douchebag you are.

    Jan 16, 2014, 15:15

    Geez Riprooi it might have worked better if you put Devils Advocate on ignore before he totally wiped the floor with you .....hahaha.

    Jan 16, 2014, 22:44

    Let's see RIP, put these words in the right order:



    Jan 17, 2014, 00:38

    Ah, now is indeed not the time for molification .

    Jan 17, 2014, 02:07


    all this in-fighting is great to see :D, and we are more than happy to look after the Bill for yet another 4 years. Keep up the great work lads :P.

    Jan 17, 2014, 08:13




    Status: Bok regular
    Posts: 1130
    RE: Mole-spotting . . .
    January 16, 2014, 14:16:13
    Drivelling Avocado, you are only the second person to crack my ignore list. You are simply too childish to try and interact with. Bye!


    This statement, from the moron who keeps bringing my name into threads, or starts threads about me.


    One day little man, you may learn..... one day


    Have a lovely Friday Rooi, Good buddy, Good pal

















    Jan 17, 2014, 08:38


    "I had no issue with you before Denny, I don't talk to you, but since you are trying to cause an issue between us, clearly you are just as yellow as Rooi is."




    Funnily enough I have no issue with either but it's plain to see you the one taking this personally by dishing out insults.


    So you say I'm causing an issue by questioning the credibilty of your posts....huh?...and I'm just as yellow as Rooinek Huh?



    Pssssttt... there are other colours in the rainbow you know :D but on a more serious note you obviously believe everthing you in that case I'm yellow.




    Jan 17, 2014, 08:49



    Don't get involved in an argument you can't and won't win.


    You started with me, not I with you, I had no issue with you, until you started insulting me.


    Simple solution... don't.

    Jan 17, 2014, 09:01

    "Don't get involved in an argument you can't and won't win."



    Man you have a way of twisting things....but here's the slowdown. I'm not sure if I've had an argument with you but if I did I'm pretty sure it's not that greatly important to me to win one over you. Sorry mate but you really don't loom in my life.



    And as for insulting you.....pray please show me one.







    Jan 17, 2014, 09:12



    Are you really as slow as Rooi is.  He was easy pickings, but you have taken it to a new level.


    I had nothing bad to say to you, but then you started insulting me. 


    Interesting how your pals were constantly bringing me into threads, without me antagonising anyone, even starting threads about me, yet I am at fault because I respond?.


    You are a joke bud.


    Then you say: And as for insulting you.....pray please show me one



    Status: Bok regular
    Posts: 1432
    RE: Mole-spotting . . .
    January 15, 2014, 11:57:07

    Mate, you're not the squeaky clean, my shit don't stink that you think you are, you have an agenda and it's got sweet nothing to do with debating rugby or cricket.


    I'm guessing the above was said in the most non insulting way possible?


    You ask me to prove that you insulted me, and it's on this very same thread.


    Wow bud !!, that's slow indeed


    Jan 17, 2014, 09:59


    Status: Bok regular
    Posts: 1432
    RE: Mole-spotting . . .
    January 15, 2014, 11:34:36














    Jan 20, 2014, 10:42

    A story is told as much by silence, as by speech

    Jan 20, 2014, 14:49

    "A story is told as much by silence, as by speech,,,"

    or pictures,,,

    SARU trophy cabinet,,,

    LMFAO, :D:silly::woot:

    Jan 20, 2014, 15:19

    Lol naru nice cupboard:) is it pine or pining to be filled? 

    Jan 20, 2014, 15:56

    you only get hard wood in africa 

    Jan 20, 2014, 15:57

     pine is so .... kiwi .... soft !

    Jan 20, 2014, 17:10

    But you SA fans are still pining for trophies.

    Jan 20, 2014, 17:13

    after our second wc you guys had to in theory you were chasing us down ..despite a 20 odd year absence ...what were you guys doing while we were cut out ? picking your noses ? 

    Jan 20, 2014, 17:19

     I mean seriously Just_Win , in 1991 you let Aus win in England which is a damp , dreary ,mud patch just like kiwi land..the odds should have been in your favour !! tut tut !

    Jan 20, 2014, 17:32

    @the dookie,

    what u only have to go as far back as 2007??? how very south african of u.
    at least now we have something more empty than a SARU trophy cabinet,,,,, ur post.

    anyway heres some pro era records to for u to put in that empty cabinet
    1996 up to 2003

    All Blacks - 86 tests - 66 wins - 18 losses - 2 draws - winning percentage 76%
    Boks - 97 tests - 58 wins - 38 losses - 1 draw - winning percentage 59%

    All Blacks - 5 TriNat titles
    Bok - 1 TriNat title

    NZ rugby - 8 super rugby titles
    SA rugby - zero super rugby titles

    All Blacks vs Boks head to head
    21 tests - All Blacks won 16 - Boks won 5

    and to think i dont even have to touch sevens, or womans achievements, lolz.

    FYI exclusive All Blacks only records,,,,

    - All Blacks are the only team undefeated in RWC pool matches

    - All Blacks have never lost a pro test to the lions, let alone a series

    - All Blacks, IRB No1 ranked team for almost 90% of the time, 4 times longer then SA and england combined.

    - All blacks the only team in the world to finish a season winning all tests played (*)

    (*) and we didnt fill the fixture with easy beat teams like some other nations

    Jan 21, 2014, 07:18

    My post was that empty that it forced you to go and gather so much info just to make yourself fell better

    What's that saying about hoops and jumping through them.

    Easy easy easy 

    Jan 21, 2014, 14:07

    Consider yourself fortunate TheDuke, you got a response at least


    I am still waiting for "a certain" poster to display his honourary ways and man up


    Looks like that aint going to happen anytime soon.


    What a real pity when they slither away after convincingly receiving a good beating


    Denny, you little man you, what a CHUMP !!, just like Rooi Rooi, LMAO !!

    Jan 21, 2014, 14:39

    eeer duke we are anything but 'soft' ever heard of a kauri tree?  Enough said:D oh and FYI our dear friend and buddy the much honourable sasuke uchiha doesn't have to 'go out and gather' it's all in his head:) and whether hard wood or soft wood, the cabinet is still empty ;)

    Aug 30, 2018, 14:24


    Aug 30, 2018, 14:36

    Welcome back Admit One.

    Sadly that trophy cabinet is still bare.

    We used to have more moles.  Reminds me of that song: Where have all the good moles gone:

    Where have all the moles gone, long time passing?
    Where have all the good moles gone, long time ago?
    Where have all the moles gone?
    Mole hunters have have whacked them everyone.
    Oh, when will they ever learn?
    Oh, when will they ever learn?

    Aug 30, 2018, 14:56

    Lol of my favourite songs :)

    Aug 30, 2018, 15:22

    Just want to make two points here.

    Firstly, how sad and lifeless a loser must Admit One be to keep dredging up ancient old posts like this one? This is not the first time. Obviously those events back in 2014 which are pretty trivial and meaningless for the rest of us were actually life-changing for him and he has to keep bringing this stuff back because it makes him feel somehow relevant. Pretty sad really.

    Secondly, a lot of time has passed since I voiced the suspicions in the OP but there's one thing I'd change now in retrospect all these years later and that is that the poster you all knew as Devil's Advocate (aka Drivelling Avocado aka DumbAss) was actually the SS poster called Hawkeye and he's since passed away. 

    Most people know I didn't get on with either Hawkeye or Devil's Advocate but I was still sorry to hear of his passing and he posted enough here to be considered a regular. Just posting this because I suspect quite a few posters here don't know that one the Ruckers Forum regulars has passed away.

    RIP DumbAss! 

    Aug 30, 2018, 15:23

    Oh dear...I thought Rooiaas was back and un-moled from Koos Kombuis, instead another mole from the past surfaces.

    For Beeno and Dr Win…self appointed Mole Hunters


    You ain't nothin' but a mole dog
    Cryin' all the time
    You ain't nothin' but a mole dog
    Cryin' all the time
    Well, you ain't never caught a MOLE you ain't no friend of mine


    Oct 12, 2018, 17:53

    I missed the last couple of posts on this thread. Devil's Advocate stopped posting a while after you left Rooi. Hawk passed away a bit later. I'm not saying DA wasn't him, but Hawk was still active on the other forum, long after DA disappeared here.

    PS, I second your RIP for Hawk. I got along with him well and am already missing him.

    Oct 13, 2018, 09:20

    Dumb Ass disappeared soon after I left? Gosh, there's a surprise!

    I think the fact that he's not already back snapping and snarling at me confirms my suspicions. I could have left for years and I reckon Dumb Ass would have been sitting there hunched over his laptop, refreshing the page every 5 minutes with his fingers poised just above the keyboard waiting for me to come back so he could have the first pop at me. 

    Still, for all his obsession with me I don't think he was an inherently bad person and he definitely added some fun to the board . . . even if it wasn't always intentional.

    Oct 13, 2018, 09:56

    Crimminys !

    Hey Rooie wtf you been up to ?

    Oct 13, 2018, 10:21


    I'm not saying DA wasn't him, but Hawk was still active on the other forum, long after DA disappeared here.

    Interesting. I clearly remember Ceradayne saying after he passed that Hawkeye had posted on this site under two different nicks.

    Oct 13, 2018, 11:31

    Beano asked Cera but he rightfully refused to reveal who he wus..... I reckon though  Rooinek got it right, DA aka Hawkeye.

    Oct 13, 2018, 11:46

    Yep, DA aka Hawkeye was one, question is who was the other.....I wasn't aware of Cera being asked.

    "The Truth" perhaps?

    Oct 13, 2018, 12:30

    When the Supersport message board was closed, hundreds of posters moved to Supersupporter website. Unfortunately Suppersupporter collapsed as people left the board one after another. The basic problem was unwise over moderation. But the biggest problem was dishonest moderation, very bad stuff. Feel sorry for Barlee who technically created a great website but his mistake was to allow Hawkeye to get away with his dishonest acts which ultimately destroyed the site.

    That said Hawkeye was not all bad and was liked by some despite his dishonesty. Politically he was sound and loved his rugby

    Good to see ou rooitwit back. Funniest poster you will find and he doesn't even know it! hahhahahahahahaha

    Oct 13, 2018, 13:45

    Welcome back rooinek :)

    Now the !*#! will really hit the fan. What a nice change :)

    Oct 13, 2018, 13:55

    Hi Cloudy, different !@@@# same fan;)

    Oct 13, 2018, 16:15

    Beandork reckons hes a big fan of you know shit and stuff.

    Oct 13, 2018, 21:22

    @ Beeno

    It takes many dogs, all working in sly unison to take down single lion.

    Odd how the hyena is never spoken of as an honorable creature.

    Oct 13, 2018, 22:13

    Plum what is your point?

    Oct 13, 2018, 22:49

    You guys act like a bunch of hilly bill"s who have never ventured outside your doorstep...Rooinob has it in with anybody who is better than him...a inferiority complex...a working class or blue collar or clerical pen pusher that works in the post office....mentality that hates those who are priviledged that went to Bishops, Paarl Gym, Maritzburg College, Paul Roux or Grey Bloem....a terrible inferiority complex that seems to click here and supported...I feel sorry for him and he'sprobably not so so evil but has a problem with life...a nine to five worker that has a gin soaked boss. An unbalanced personality that :Dreminds me of Norman Bates in split personalites...a split,,,of his resentments,,, Psycho 5.:'(

    PS I purposely mis-spelt and caused errors as a decoy because Urinal loves to piss over posters that mispell and does not use (sic). He's a nice "n......" in the woodpile....Bahaha

    Oct 13, 2018, 23:09

    Oct 14, 2018, 01:56

    Plumdork ,are you wanting to be honourable ? Then stop whining and yelping like a whipped dog/hyena boy .

    Easy as.

    Seb "N,,,,, in the woodpile " ??Really dude ? You do realise that refers to slaves hiding from evil bastards hunting them down dont you ? 

    I expected better.

    Oct 14, 2018, 07:37

    Haha Beeno

    I thought you'd be all over that one.

    I'm talking about WD and co.

    Taking any chance they can to gang up and insult people they disagree with.

    Their actions here are befitting of what we see on the field from their teams.

    Dirty dirty dirty.

    Woof woof woof!

    Oct 14, 2018, 07:55

    "Seb "N,,,,, in the woodpile " ??Really dude ? You do realise that refers to slaves hiding from evil bastards hunting them down dont you ? 

    I expected better."

    You expected better? Not sure why. SubstantialBull is just another one of those bible-bashing hypocrites who claims the moral high ground because he's a christian when in reality he's the kind of lowlife scum who would use an expression like that.

    He'll probably say he did it on purpose as a decoy. I see his previous decoy worked out really well for him!


    Oct 14, 2018, 08:06

    Indeed Rooie I didnt expect anyone to be that stupid in this day and age ,although well known right wing pedophile and former Wallaby coach alan jones got away with the exact same disgusting expression a few weeks ago .

    If you are unaware how revolting it is then you need educating big time and if you do then WTF ? 
    Poor wee plumdork , maybe if your feeling all butthurt you shouldnt put it out for a kicking eh boy ?
    Your more Jackass than Jackal by the way.

    Oct 14, 2018, 08:25

    Awe WD

    Butt hurt?

    By you?


    You really think an an over the hill grunter such as yourself has the ability?

    Had I the slightest smidgen of respect for you, then you might stand just a teensy chance. Unfortunately your lowlife status is undisputed and permenant. Right where it should be.

    I'll add delusional to your repertoire. 

    Oct 14, 2018, 11:26

    Plum i summed up and named Warped Dud in a few moments. He is both WARPED and a DUD. Definitely bottom of the woodpile propping up ou rooitwit who for once is not bottom of the wood pile.

    Aren't these PC correct types and sick bunch of SJWs !!! Bottom of the woodpile rodents for sure . HAhahahahahahahaha .

    laughing my ass off smiley

    Oct 14, 2018, 11:38

    Bit rich the name-calling coming from you plum. You can't take criticism because you think you're the smartest one in here. You've already called us ugly retards, why would we care if you respect us? Respect isn't a right and as far as I'm concerned, you haven't earned that right so try not to get all hurt and offended when we call you out.

    Oct 14, 2018, 11:46

    Hey Cloudy have you seen the name callng from ou Warped DUD the Chief Orc. Hahahaahahahahahahaha get off your high horse Lady Cloudy you have a very bad egg on your side, a basement woodpile dweller! roflmao smiley

    Oct 14, 2018, 11:48

    Beeno...I know Wardad you don't so if I was you I'd rethink those words about a high horse, besides he hasn't called me any names.

    It's like that saying 'I'm a really nice person but if I'm acting like a b*!%# you need to ask yourself why.'

    Thanks in advance for your apology.

    Oct 14, 2018, 11:56

    No you cant slip out of this so easily Cloudy. Warped DUD is probably the biggest name caller on the board followed by ou maaaaikie! BUT you never call them out.

    Check mate!

    Oct 14, 2018, 11:58're wrong Beeno and it's not the first time lol

    Why should I call him out? He doesn't call me names and for that he has my utmost respect. He has always been the perfect gentleman. Maybe you should ask yourself why he calls you names, I mean after all you do bang on about Christian-like behaviour. Perhaps a look in the mirror might help?

    Oct 14, 2018, 12:02

    He calls me and others name, rants like the loon he is, but as long as he doesn't call you names you think that's all just dandy,

    Check mate once again!

    Oct 14, 2018, 12:09

    Are we playing chess?? oh darn you win I'm hopeless at chess.

    Yes it is just dandy it's one of the reasons I stay. Now don't we all need reasons to stay in a madhouse like this?

    Oct 14, 2018, 13:39

    Poor plumdork ,you and beanshit are now joined at the hip eh ,like some sort of two-headed jackass? How sweet .I thought that anyone who would slurp at ccs grimy feet like a good little suck-up is just about as lacking in self esteem as it gets .After the disgusting things he said to and about you I can only imagine its some sort of Stockholm Syndrome .

    Sad very sad .

    Cheers Cloudy ! Notice how theres only a couple of dickheads I get stuck into ? Strange how I dont feel the need to fling shit at those who dont send it my way eh ? 

    As you said give respect get it back no probs.

    Oct 14, 2018, 20:12

    Wardad, just know that you, Cloudy, JW, Brycy, hakwa, ABasquefan and many of the other NZ posters are valued by some of us as excellent posters who take all the flak dished out to you with a lot of humour, grace, humility and dignity.

    I for one would not hang around this place if it wasn't for the balance and rugby knowledge that our many NZ friends bring to the table.

    When is the last time anyone heard from Naruto/Sasuke? He's probably the poster I miss most around here.

    Oct 14, 2018, 23:15

    But you haven't 'hung around' this place for a year, not even bothering to engage the NZ chaps who are now indispensable to your participation....anybody else getting a strong whiff of good old Urinal hypocrisy.

    Oct 15, 2018, 01:15

    I probably don't want to know, but have to ask anyway. What's with the "urinal" tag? :wassat:

    Oct 15, 2018, 01:24

    Well it's a funny one ......Rooinek calls himself Urinal Mint on some site. I thought it's one of his most realistic identities, but Urinal Mint is a bit cumbersome, ergo Urinal. Pithy and somehow it captures the whole man.

    Oct 15, 2018, 02:03

    Thank you rooinek....I am pleased you are back I know saying that will irk some but variety is the spice of life right?? I do believe most of us would be different away from our keyboards, I don't think it's the best place to form friendships although it does happen sometimes.

    And I do agree that naru missing is a big loss. I did text and email him a while ago but never heard back. Perhaps he got married and sailed away to the Bahamas, he did have a girlfriend last time we spoke. Huge loss for the forum.

    Oct 15, 2018, 06:57

    Moz like pretty much all the Kiwis here we have no probs with you ,Rooie ,Denny ,Seb,Blobby ,Pakie ,Auggie and all the others bar a couple .

    Yeah Naru is a pretty groovy dude shame we dont see him anymore.

    Oct 15, 2018, 07:50

    Did someone say that Devil's Advocate passed away? Sorry if I got that wrong.

    Oct 15, 2018, 21:18

    Rooiaas is Ndabaningi...the subtle n I meant....jumps in with rascist card...nigger...actually it's not rascist...means somebody from Nigeria but been manipulated by inferiority complexes....what a complete idiot and arsehole is Rooitwit....a real pain ...tell me coward did you ever fight in the border war or any other...a pretender that listens to real classless music like the doors. I would love to meet in the ring with gloves, even at my deteriorating are the worlds fool and hypocrite A total waste of time and stick to your are low class and know it...a liar, too scared...hide behind Ndabadingi, Koos Kombuis...a simple Afrikaaner singer and wine that comes out of cardboard boxes....meanwhile the hypocrite continues to insult everybody he does not like with sewer insinsuations....actually it's a total waste of time even engaging him...he sullies everybody and is a very weak personality.

    If you clowns like him you can have him in your simple boring lives...he downgrades the simple, is nasty and a real waste of space and time.

    Oct 15, 2018, 21:25

    Oct 15, 2018, 21:25

    Oh dear, does this mean I won't be in your prayers tonight, SubstantialBull?


    Nope, I'm not this Ndabadingi person. You're wrong.

    Oh and if there's no point engaging me, how come you've been yapping away at me for about a decade now? Hmmmm?

    Oct 15, 2018, 21:30

    Spot yourself.....mole.

    Oct 16, 2018, 12:37

    I'm surprised it's escaped everyone's attention that it's very possible for the team at Ruckers to have their own accounts. I think you are all being played by whoever moderates this forum. Do you honestly believe they sit back and say nothing?

    Oct 16, 2018, 12:51

    Unfortunately Auge .....most often they do.

    Oct 16, 2018, 13:03

    'lf you clowns like him you can have him in your simple boring lives...'

    Seb......we don't have to like anyone but here's the thing and this from my own experience and mine alone. He has never insulted me, never called me an ugly retard, nor has he said that I'm a genetically modified (probably an orc) living in a country that breeds them, all complete with rotten teeth let's not forget that little charmer. When we did have a disagreement it was sorted and forgotten, that's how it should be but some people are just so childish and immature they can't do the decent thing. So don't hold it against me if I don't have any bad feelings towards him. If others do, then that's for them to sort out. Some people want peace in their lives and some don't.....I prefer going to bed with a mind I can sleep with. It doesn't work all the time but most times it does.

    You are one of the nicest people in here but there again others will disagree .....not everyone is going to get along but that happens in real life too. At least you can pick your friends :)

    Oct 16, 2018, 14:25

    Whatever happened to poi-e? Some of the kiwi posters seem to have left for good...shame that :(

    Oct 16, 2018, 15:11

    poi-e and Pollyboy look in from time to time. Neither ever posted that infrequent. Pity we don't see more of them.

    Oct 16, 2018, 15:18

    Pity a lot of them have gone.....can't say I blame them tbh

    Oct 16, 2018, 15:19

    Papamoa is another one who disappeared. Don't even see him on the ABS thread anymore.

    Oct 17, 2018, 02:05

    There's an ebb and flow to these things. Outside of the regulars, people just post as the mood takes them and aren't likely to be more committed contributors. It can't be helped. 

    Oct 17, 2018, 03:11

    Now the Boks have improved they may be back as there is more scope for banter.

    Oct 17, 2018, 05:12

    Hey JW thats true ,glad to see Rooie back but not so good to hear Devils Avocado has passed away ?

    Oct 17, 2018, 09:23

    No one has replied about that.....was it DA ... or Hawkeye or were they the same person?

    Oct 17, 2018, 09:27

    Cloudy, your answer is on this very thread. Scroll up to my post on 30 August 2018.

    Hawkeye and Dumb Ass were the same person.

    Oct 17, 2018, 09:34

    ok got it....:) I've never known anyone to pass away on a forum makes it all kinda real. That is terribly sad :(

    Oct 18, 2018, 07:34

    Cloudy do you remember the young Aussie on the old ABs forum who was a mad as Pocock fan ?He posted that  he was pretty much done with life and was ending it?

    It took a bit of doing but I managed to find out a name through a club in the Sth Island he had played for while he was there .Pretty sure it was him and I found a suicide through the coroner that matched the date he posted  and was  his age and in Brisbane.

    Pretty sure its him ,he was about 18 or so.

    Oct 18, 2018, 13:09

    Damn! Shit just got dark in here! We all die, that is life's one guarantee.  

    Oct 18, 2018, 13:20

    Bluebok some posters on the old ABs site actually told me not to bother that it was a hoax.But I can tell real anguish when I see it sadly there was nothing I could do though I tried everything I could think of all too late .My missus had access to all the coroners reports and I have no doubt as to what happened to the poor kid but as I said too little too late .

    Oct 18, 2018, 13:32

    I remember that Wardad...terrible it was. Ugh depression such an insidious disease.

    Oct 18, 2018, 13:37

    That's hectic Ward, but good on ya for at least making the effort to try to make a difference. Most folks would not bother. Chances are he was suffering from some metal illness, and a few words, good or bad, from a poster on a random forum would probably not have made any difference to his choices.

    Oct 18, 2018, 13:55

    Bluebok......that's true but I think with the advent of social media, cyber bullying is the modern plague. It's caused many young people to take their lives. It can push a person over the edge if they do have a mental illness. I know of a couple of teens and one adolescent that got harassed over the of them jumped off Sky Tower in Auckland about 15 years ago. I think there's even a case pending in the States where the parents are trying to find the bullies culpable. It's very sad.

    Oct 18, 2018, 14:29

    Here's your cyber bully of breed....this came from one single post. If you don't like what Plum says to you, why would others like this:

    'Servile gimp...ram his little snout up your fat and wrinkled arse...why should I bother with him...terminally stupid.....sickening suck-up....strident and sanctimonious....equally stupid....unbridled hatred (there's something new)......I've schooled you .....humiliated you....pompous and ignorant old can run along now Moffie.....Alpha Gimp....there's a good little Moffie.'


    On prior Boards there was a solid majority that stood up and condemned this kind of's truly vile, beyond the usual spats. This Board has never had much backbone.

    Oct 18, 2018, 14:38

    I heard some here say they are glad Rooi is back. Glad about what? What has he brought to the forum? He knows nothing about rugby, and he is entirely humorless. By far the worst member on here. What rugby contributions has he made? His opening spurts were to try and attack Mozart. Clearly has an infatuation for the man. Lots of homosexual undertones to his posts. I think he has alot of very serious internal issues.

    He is so angry all the time, maybe we should have Nurse Cloudy watch over him. You never know when he is about to give himself Chinese burns again after another failed attempt to thwart his olde enemy Moz. 

    Oct 18, 2018, 14:45

    Mozart.....that's the first time I've seen that post but you're absolutely right. No one in their right mind would condone that and I don't. In the same token I still think that someone who has to resort to slandering a person's character has got issues of their own. I'm by no way perfect and I try to stay out of the squabbles because some battles are just not worth fighting. It gets very tiresome and reminds me of why so many posters have left. There is only so much you can take.....I'm sorry I've not said anything but I can only deal with one person attacking me at a time.

    Oct 18, 2018, 14:48

    Auge....when rooinek is talking rugby he's one of the best posters in here. It's unfortunate the board has really slipped to these lows but everyone is guilty of hurling insults....think about it. Happy to be a nurse for anyone....even for plum just have to sharpen the scalpel more :)

    Oct 18, 2018, 14:53

    How much can he possible know if he thinks a pod carrier is a flyhalf? He rejects some of the defensive issues with Steph, which means he can't follow play very well. He aggressively calls me an idiot about it, but when I challenged him he ran away. He hasn't picked up any of the issues with Damian. I disagree, he is one of the worst. I'd like someone to show me what he has done to earn such lofty praise. All I see is a very insecure person who is riddled with bitterness. Boring is another word I could use. Rugby ignorant, absolutely. 

    That's the spirit! :D

    Oct 18, 2018, 15:00

    Fair enough Cloudy, but Plum is a mate of mine....we have had totally cordial relations and corresponded a bit off the Board on some non Board things.

    Still I never hesitated to intervene when I thought he was over the top.....if we don't speak out, we will get low standards.

    I'm not being specific's a Board thing. Rooinek left the Board in a flurry of insults about a practice of string wrecking which he himself started. Then he sneaked back as a mole on the Trumpet.....and probably as another character.

    Finally he assumes the Rooinek identity, but doesn't return with anything positive, just a series of filthy attacks on posters he never liked.....hardly a rugby posting in the whole batch, and only rugby postings that allow him to attack the unliked set.

    You find him gleefully speculating his attacks might have induced a 'denny heart attack'.....and nobody says a thing.

    Yet all these good posters will bemoan what the country or the world or the Board has become?

    I honestly wonder where the human race is going to be in 50 years. There seem to be no core beliefs anymore. Any tactic is acceptable...about the only bit of true feeling I can see is within the family. Religion, country, tribe, principle, customs, all the things that provide stability, all going or gone.

    Oct 18, 2018, 15:54

    Fair enough mozart.....and Wardad is a mate of mine I know him and his family very well. I don't agree with plums take on respect being sexist if women are treated better than men. Sorry but I was taught the old fashioned way and I'll never believe otherwise. But then my mother was a fiery and independent woman and she stood up for what she believed in and she taught her girls the same. I won't be treated like that without saying something and I don't think any of us would. But then.....people will have their own opinions and some people just can't respect other's opinions without resorting to insults. Like I said on another thread, we would all be different away from here. Goodnight mozart :)

    Oct 18, 2018, 15:59

    Jekyll Rooi is a decent enough bloke. Hyde Rooi is a hate infested bitter d!ckhead. Unfortunately Hyde Rooi seems to be dominant of late. Scarcely see Jekyll Rooi around these days.

    Oct 18, 2018, 16:00

    I'm starting to get the impression that Omlett and Omellette don't like me very much!


    Oct 18, 2018, 16:40

    'Startung' that the kind of thing Barbara Streisand has.....but really star-tongue might be a bit easier to understand.

    Oct 18, 2018, 16:57

    She spells her name "Barbra", stupidissimo.

    Thanks for being my secretary again Moffie. Unlike you, I have no "dilemna" (sic) when it comes to editing my typos . . . and at least mine are typos rather than ignorant spelling mistakes by a semi-literate moron with a face full of "omellete" (sic).

    Oct 18, 2018, 17:21

    Oh look it's Star-tongue proving he knows all about the stars. Waaaaaaahahahaha it's a big deal in his life that she spells her name Barbra. Can anything be more pathetic.....we are now truly at 15 year old girl groupie level.

    Oct 18, 2018, 18:06

    Fck Rooi, get help, the Sabbatical didn't work.

    Oct 18, 2018, 18:26

    Draad became a Servile Gimp while I was away?

    That is sad.

    Oct 18, 2018, 18:48

    Nope, there are actually more options than Moz or Rooi. Try and take a step back and have a look without the Hate-Moz glasses...I should probably shut up and stay out of this, but life's too short...and I know that sounds wrong, but it isn't. I hope your real life is more fun.

    May 20, 2020, 19:08

    Some classics here...Monkey D Luffy.: ."Brother Beeno Hard at Work".

    The Tooth Fairy : Saffex was cursing like a sailor, as usual and I commented on his vocabulary and his lack of an education...

    Saffex: "I studied law!"
    Me: "Well, then you have poor vocabulary for a lawyer."
    Saffex: "No-one said I was a lawyer. How do you know I'm a lawyer? You must be a mole!"

    The question is... Did he then study law to become a nurse? Everyone able to think for themselves and make straightforward deductions are branded as a mole. Especially when you dare to disagree with the chosen few.

    May 20, 2020, 21:00

    Seb what is your fucking point you idiot

    May 20, 2020, 21:05

    Naand Basjan...up for a stir it seems.

    May 20, 2020, 21:46

    He’d be better off taking too many pills

    May 24, 2020, 23:50

    These old posts are the best!

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