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Apr 02, 2024, 23:29

…..according to the troll HasBeen_ou I’m wondering how I’m supposed to recognize my fellow travellelers. Is there a little scar at the back of the neck indicating an implanted computer chip. Or perhaps some stretch marks around the skull  created by the incorporation of a powerful oversized brain. Or perhaps the habitual use of clothing with deep pockets. 

Any help would be appreciated I would so much like to meet other globalists.

Apr 02, 2024, 23:44

That's easy, when you walk into the foyer of a globalists property you will see a bronze statue of a globe held by two menacing looking hands, most likely there will also be sinister music in Latin playing in the background.

A second sign is globalists have a known tendency to break into uncontrollable megalomaniacal laughter at random.

Apr 03, 2024, 00:56

Hmm I’m sure there is incense as well….I’m having second thoughts about meeting my fellow globalists. But I do quite often break into uncontrolled laughter when I read Wanker’s posts….I must be a globalist so I’m just going to  have to forgo Mozart for the Ride of the Valkyries.

Apr 03, 2024, 06:16

I tried joining.

They said you can't sign up when you're already a member.

I also enquired after an outfit like Klaus'. All they said was "One day."

Apr 03, 2024, 08:18

Have you tried walking around covering your right eye, according to pedobeeno all globalists are satanist.

Apr 03, 2024, 08:42

It's not hard to spot globalists.

They have a job, they have front teeth, they're not married to their cousin and they're not wearing a MAGA cap.

Apr 03, 2024, 09:25

The question is about issues relating o what the WEF on their public websited baraebnly support.  the WEF theselve regard the following  as their objetives and how hy want toa chieve heir objctives, as well as what they aspire to:-

Srictly speaking the open objectives of the WEF advocates and who they use o achieve h se objectives and what hey strive o achieve:-

*    The brderless world - in other words the destruction of indepndent governments in individual countries;

*     The destruction of western culture  aied spcficically te Western Culture aimed at demcoratic governance;

*      The control of the world opulation and reduction in the world population with people  like Bill Gates, Soros and  Schwaab  openly advocating a total world population of between  500 million and 1 billion as being the target to be achieved;

*      the desruction of the present system of property ownership inclusive of homes, businesses and farminng.  based on the  Global Warming prProtection,

*      Stifling of opinion diffeences of opinion on issues by prvdig or cntrol of money by peorple differing from the World Govenance view proposed by the WEF.

The priblem is how is the above to be achieved iro the borderless wold aim of the WEF and what has beend one hus far in practice to achieve those objectives which in effect would be achieve3d by xploiting of the present systems:-

*     The open Boder system is a direct result of WEF initiaves.   By getting that system going th world population is to be basd not on culture of demcocracy - but by steaalth.   The WEF does not regard DEMOCRACY as the IDEAL SYSTEM of Govenment - since Democracy entails a greater freedom to chose Govenments which in the main entails freedms that thWEF regards as stumbleblocks.

*      The destruction of private property ownership - one of the ideals they strive to openly is beleive that by given dates ordinary ctizens will not own their homes they posesses and that home ownership will revert to the state.   "People is not to own anything and be hahppy about it" as openly stated in  the policy of the WEF".  The objective to be achieved is to do away to ownership of farms and homes and one of the emans adviocated is for the Govenment to take possession of properties when the present woners die and then allocate usage to people they promote.

*     the conrol of food production in the world based on combatting of present system of food poduction to be used to determine total cotrol over production and usage of land on a basis determined by the world Government.   That includes issues like what people may or may not eat - especially meat is to be controlled strictly with people like Bill Gates advocating a conversion for people to change thir eating habits to eat worms and isects raher than meat.

*      The destruction of present economies thrugh unlimited spending of money by borrowing - eg the icnrease of natioanl debts of Governments that would ultimattely lead to collaps of the world financial system.   For insatnce the present loan system funding countries is unssutainable and will end up in total Government collapse 

*       The destabilizaation of Government by undermining law and order in the world as a whole.

*       The destruction of religious beliefs in the world - starting off with Christianity - but later to be exanded to other beliefs of people - eg  Muslim Hindi and other Asian beliefs like Buddism/

Although the WEF is clear about their objecives they are not entirely clear on how the objectives they strve for is to be achieved and that relates suspicions as to the methods to be  used.    The main targt in destruction of Demcoracy is aimed at the USA and the EU countries espousing and using Demcoacratic Governance.    

In the USA  the system is advanced by the emdia owned in the main by peopele affilliated wsith the WEF.   What the emdia publish is to be strictly controlled by the Government and objective aimed at the comtrol is clear as per the following:-

*     The Open Border Policy and Law and Ordxer Policy of the present US Government has been prescibed by George Soros and his son  meets monthy with the WH officials to ensure compliance with regualtions drawn up by Soros associates.   Both elements would lead to collape of Law and Order and demcoracy in the USA.   One example relates to election of  DA's in the USA.   The DA's  election expenses of circa 60 DA's in the most populous cities are funded by Soros and those DA's laid down policies such as freeing of alleged criminals without bail payment within 24 hours and by deciding on what crimes people should and should not be charged.   Crimes like muder are ften not laid - like happened in the 2020 riots in the USA - when arrested rioters were all released with no charge being laid even in the caxe of murder suspects.- while charges to be laid exclude drug trafficking, shoplifiting and illegal occupation of homes and trespassing on private properties.   

*       The green initiative of the present Government has been compiled by Gates and the various Government officials have to implmnt Gates ideas as to energy us and ownership and usage of vehicles.                 

s  .    the usage of a land for the production of food in he USA  and EU countries are executed in terms of EU and USA Govenment prescripion.   An example is  the control of the meat and dairy industries in the USA and Europe - as well as prescrition of what land would eb sued tas to production - eg that 25% of usable land must not be used.for food production and the farming of cattle should be reduced using the excuse that cattle is causing global warmingm throug farting.    The USA is edeavouring to follow the examples set by the EU as to food production control.

*      The elimination of private vechicle ownership except ecpt by the wealthy is an aim of the present US and EU countries,    That entails in the main the elimination of oil and gas to provide electriity and means of transport and machinery used in farming.  The impact of food production in both the USA  and EU countries is dropping in line with the prescriptions of the EU and iro the USA Governments.    In both the USA and  EU countries food production shows  a serious decline and lead to shortages an consequetly inflationary prices of food.  

*      The media usage and control is another problem.   Any view out of line with media prescrions are accused of being promoting two curse words in the present era - the one is "racism" and the other "conspiracy theories".    Any opposition to the ideas to the WEF lead to undermining of the political sysytem in countries,   An example was the usage of charges against opponents of the present opposition to EU mandates,   like happened in the USA where the charges against politicians opposing the Government is increasing and spying on ptential opponents by for instance3 278 000 peopele was exposed as illgal by the3 FIS Court.   Anther way si using of atacks on opposition parties who are accuded of underming demcoracy and of fascism purey because they oppose elements of the WEF agenda.

The situation is clear when it coes to present initiatives based n the WEF ageda - but how is the dieal of reuction of the world population by at laast 90%  to be achieved.   based on what ahs happned over the past few years and is onging the asnwer are assumed by people opposing the WEF are-

*     promoting of starvation world wide by control reduction of food supplies worldwid;

*     the handing over of health services to the WHO  as happened in the case of EU and USA governance at present - with the potential of creation of pandemics like COVID and continued research of advance of gain of fucntion reaearch with the possibily of pandemics vastly more deadly than Covid ever was - by seading more deadly voruses on a world wide absis;

*     the promotion of world instabiliy though wars and even leading to world war 3 and usage of  nuclear armamnets against opponnets.

The promotion of wars in the media is an example of the last tendency and the Ukraine War is a micro-element of where world isntability is going.

A substantial degee of the issues the Biden Adminsitration implements re in line with twaht opposiiton claims are WEF policies.    This comes from local issues such as an attack on family life preached in USA schools - sexual orientation and reducion fo birth ates in teh ujSA.   The altter also is added to the infklux of illegal migrants in the USA.   

The tencency by Beeno couples the sceario ot the futrure unelected Govenment by the WEF who beleive that only they can decide what futue Governance looks like.   Schwaab openly stated that the election of Trump in 2016 push back the WEF implemetation policies by ten years - since he undid certain favored programes of the WEF.   


Apr 03, 2024, 09:38

The only good thing about Shitory is that it's impossible to read even if one was dumb enough to try.

Apr 03, 2024, 10:02

Some questions for ou Maaik:

Onging teh lien twaht throug faring?

Usag wella eb sued nther emdia triity ates in teh ujSA?

Ver f heth tas baraebnly prvdig peorple ahs asnwer (altter elates ften seriosud zand adnace) accuded anther olitical lin?

Apr 03, 2024, 10:06

Looks like ou Maaik is still recovering from Trangression Sex Day.

Apr 03, 2024, 12:56

If you can only deal with typing  errors - yiooua re totally ignorantn and an aersehole as well.   I gave you a rundown on what is on he WEF website and what is really happening  in somerespet in Europe and the USA.   

You must bear in mind that the above c ame ffom the WEF wbsirte and from books written by members.   Musk found out how the WEF is implementing  their programs and bought Twitter (now X) to stop the rot.

I would not like to see what comes  in future if Schwab, Gates and Soros introduced tghered system worldwide.   As a bit of backgrund iro Schwab - Hitler called his father the top industrial and he thrived under Hitler.   Schwaab senior married a Swiss women and bexccme  Swiss citizen himself.    Although Schwab was n doubt guilty of crimes against humanity - he dedcamped to Switzerland where his Nazi profits went.   It is assumed that some of his fascist iddeas of Klaus Schwab ideas came from hsi father.   What Hitler had in mind as to world governance is exactly what Schwab believes in.   The WEF has an ideal to conriol teh emdia and follow the Goebbels principle - if you epeat a lie frequntly enough people start t believe the lie is true.    The idea was and is that any opposition is eliminatd by constan media lies..    

So comment on the above and prove that you are not a brainwashed idiot.   .                    

Apr 03, 2024, 13:19

Fascinating  that Schwaab senior became Schwab…..these globalists are tricky.

Apr 03, 2024, 13:24

"yiooua re totally ignorantn and an aersehole as well"


"You must bear in mind that the above c ame ffom the WEF wbsirte and from books written by members. "

Really? Hmmmmmmm . . . I wonder if I should apply there for a job as a spellchecker or proof-reader . . . 

Apr 03, 2024, 15:42


The answer is simple = do you or do you not support the ideals and ideology the WEF use as advertised  on their websiteIf you differ from what they stand for it would result in unpleasant ness ag ainst uou     

Apr 03, 2024, 15:42


The answer is simple = do you or do you not support the ideals and ideology the WEF use as advertised  on their websiteIf you differ from what they stand for it would result in unpleasant ness ag ainst uou     

Apr 03, 2024, 19:21

No the answer is not simple….I agree with some positions  and disagree with others. You know that, but you and HasBeen see no shades of grey….extreme nutters like you two are irrelevant,

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